Do you like to gamble? You probably do if you invest in HYIPs because they really are a “game” — a gambling type of game. Take a look at any respectable HYIP monitor. Do you find any HYIPs still online after six months or so? Most likely, the answer is “No.” All the games have ended. The gamble, of course, is whether or not you will break even or, hopefully, make a profit on your investment before the admin of his program decides that the game is over.

Some of these “games” barely last for a week. Some will last for a month or two. Very few will last for six months. And, only rarely, will a HYIP be around for more than a year. The goal of the investor is to choose programs that will be around long enough for him to make a profit. Ideally, he is looking for that very special program that will survive for a year or more and that will enable him to make a profit of many many times his original investment. We all know that this DOES happen, but not very often. However, this is the hope that is in the back of the mind of every investor when he plunks down his hard-earned money to invest in programs that he feels are likely to be winners.

When we at Emily News review a HYIP, we concentrate on two things:

1. Offering insights into the legitimacy of the company behind the program as well as on other factors that might relate to the survivability of the program.
2. Explaining the investment plans that the company offers and clarifying the profitability of each of them.

These two items are really the main things you want to know about before investing in a program: again, are there any “red flags” that indicate the program is of questionable legitimacy and how do the program’s investment plans work?

Although some other monitors will disagree with us on this, as a starting point, we always take a HYIP’s claimed source of income to be the truth. If it says it makes its money trading on the Forex market, we assume this is true. However, if the company then goes on to make additional claims (like it’s the foremost trader in the world!) that seem highly unlikely, we will point this out to our readers. Such ridiculous claims imply that other information from the company is questionable as well.

Of course, since most HYIPs don’t survive very long, the implication is that ALL of them are simply trying to create a story that will entice you to invest with them. We realize this. However, we still give the company the benefit of the doubt unless they make additional claims that seem like nonsense.

We at Emily News have a good deal of experience, not only as investors, but also as website developers and code writers. So, in some cases, although you may not realize it, it is obvious to us that a program is a scam because, for example, it might have the same admin as another site or its code might have been developed by the same person who developed code for another site. Some of these scammers are simply waiting for the first big investor to come along and then they end the “game.” We protect you from these scams by simply not listing them on our website.

So, the primary purpose of Emily News is to help you, the investor, to make wise investment decisions.

However, this said, all we will ever do is to provide you with information. It is up to you to decide what to do with it. Specifically, we will never ever tell you to invest with a certain program. That is your decision to make and only you are responsible for the consequences of that decision.

We also make mistakes! Perhaps the longest lived HYIP online right now uses English in its website that is pretty bad. In HYIP Insights #2, which you can read here, we pointed out that this might be a sign of a program of questionable legitimacy. At least in this case, the program appears to be a winner. Investors who got involved with it early are definitely in profit right now.

Of course, you’re waiting for some sure-fire advice from us on how to win the HYIP game. Alas, if I had it, I would be vacationing right now on some little tropical island in the middle of nowhere! However, this said, here are a few clues that you might want to think about (that, again, might not work in each and every case!):

1. Short term programs that offer very high interest rates generally don’t survive very long. As the saying goes, “get in and get out!”
2. The lower the interest rate, the better the prospects for survival of a program.
3. Programs with a variable interest rate might be safer as the Admin isn’t locked into paying at an interest rate that he can’t afford when his own income is low.

Well, I hope some of this is helpful to you. As we always say when ending a review of a HYIP, be cautious when investing. Diversify your investments among a number of programs. And, never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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