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Recently you could read the EN “First Thoughts” article for Exllios platform. We showed to you offered investment plan and checked some basic information on the website, so-called the “legend” of this program. Let’s refresh a few things in mind:

To continue we have to look at the investment offers from this platform. In our case we have a single plan.

3.2% Daily
  • deposit term: 50 days
  • min deposit: 10 USD
  • max deposit: 1,00,000 USD
  • total ROI: 160%

We offer a single investment solution to all our partners and investors, ensuring a daily return of up to 3.2% for 50 days of the validity of the investment package.

This or a similar kind of daily accrual percentage seems to be being introduced into more and more programs and in my experience it is one of the most popular and reliable (among investors) options.

Now let’s check this plan in details.

Since we have daily (calendar-days) plan, we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) here.

The first check is when you break even. As you see – the initial deposit is included in daily accruals. Let’s devide 100% by 3.2% and you get ~31 days until that moment you get back all of your investment and start earning already pure profit

The Total Return here is 160% (3.2% x 50 days).

The Net Profit (in our case) can be calculated very easy..  (your Total Return – 100%), you see that Net Profit is 60% (160% – 100%).

Next step, as usual, is to check our DNI (Daily Net Interest) to see the level of profitability.

*For newcomers – read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, so that you will be able to understand it much better and faster..

If you divide your Net Profit (60%) by 50 days of this investment plan – you will get a DNI (equal to daily return as it mostly happens in Principal Back plans) ~ 1.2%. Thus you can classify it as a MEDIUM interest investment offer..

*I think, that stable performance over several cycles and increased popularity / credibility as a result is the only thing that can prove and show investors the serious attitude to the case from the Exllios admins.

Well done, now you can see how the Exllios investment plan works exactly. In the second part of this review, we will provide more details, features and terms of use if needed… It must be done pretty soon.. Stand by please…


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