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News Commentary #1,777 – Henbbo Ventures And Charity Evening ?

Henbbo Ventures platform (reviewed here) recently claimed that it held a “Henbbo Charity Evening” on October 18. Some information from this event and photoes from (as claimed) “Bangkok’s most luxurious hotel, the Grand Hyatt Erawan” were provided to investors in this news article.

Click the Link to watch the video.

Here’s the news:


🤝The Henbbo cryptocurrency foundation has a long history of partnering with various promising cryptocurrency startups to support and help them grow. Our help has already enabled the success of more than 120 different projects with a current total capitalization of $465 million.

✅In the current global crisis, more and more blockchain enthusiasts need support. To that end, Henbbo, with the help of its major investors and other patrons, held a “Henbbo Charity Evening” on October 18.

💎This event was held in Thailand, at Bangkok’s most luxurious hotel, the Grand Hyatt Erawan. The venue was not chosen by chance — Southeast Asia is currently leading in the number of innovative cryptocurrency startups.

🎉Henbbo Charity Evening was attended by more than 250 invited guests, as well as a number of major brands, many of whom are our friends and partners. Among them were Coca-Cola, Porsche, Lamborghini, Alessio-boschi, Cirio, Zaino, Pacbev, Gimetal and many others. The fundraiser raised $2.4 million, and more than 60 contracts were signed, a portion of which will also be used for charity donations.

💵The Henbbo Foundation plans to hold similar fundraising events in the future. This will eventually increase our overall support to active market participants and contribute to the development of the market as a whole.

💲Henbbo — smart investment will change your life!

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