This project was moved on HOLD with PROBLEM status! Wait for further updates…

You should remember, that several days ago we published the “First Thoughts” article about FarmerBTCStake bot and FarmerDOGEStake bots on “BOTS” listing. Let’s continue today with the DOGE version of the bot now as it has already paid and was moved to PAYING status. The BTC version of it is still on WAITING because the available withdrawal amount is not reached yet..

By the way i have received some questions from EN readers about min. WD amounts in these bots and few of them told it would be better if admins would reduce both amounts so users can withdraw more often. Of course this is due to admins strategy only so it’s up to them to take this decision, if this option is possible..

Here’s what was said before about FarmerDOGEStake bot:

💵 We offer up to 3 different Investment Plans, choose the best for you!

1️⃣ From 100 DOGE to 15000 DOGE
0.33% daily for 100 days
0.33% every 24 hours
Paid on Every Day

2️⃣ More than 15000 DOGE to 30000 DOGE
0.44% daily for 100 days
0.44% every 24 hours
Paid on Every Day

3️⃣ More than 30000 DOGE
0.55% daily for 100 days
0.55% every 24 hours
Paid on Every Day

Taking into account the range of min. deposit amount, I believe that the first plans (0.33% Daily For 100 Days) of both programs will be the most popular and most used among investors, at least at the first stages…

Let’s do a short and simple math today about investment plan.

We work with a daily (calendar-days) plan, so that we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days).

At the most popular – first plan, FarmerDOGEStake offers investors 0.33% / per day interest rate for 100 days (with Principal Back at the End of term). Our first check is when we break even. And this will be a simple math just like it goes in MOST “Principal Back” plans. Break Even comes when we get back our initial deposit back.

What about Net Profit then? Since our Total Gross Interest is 133% (0.33% x 100 days + 100% (Principal Back)), your Net Profit will be around 33%.

Now it’s a turn to check this plan through the DNI (Daily Net Interest) filter to see the risk reward ratio even better.. the same thing as we always do with reviewed investment platforms.

*You can read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, if you do not understand what is DNI..

We divide our Net Profit (33%) by 100 days and get exactly our daily accrual amount – 0.33% of DNI level. We consider it as a LOW interest plan and that usually attracts more conservative investors. Those who want to see better stability over their investment period.

When second bot FarmerBTCStake is moved to PAYING status as well, i guess we will be able to publish the same review Part 1 but taking as example another investment plan for more adventurous participants.

We will continue with more detailed review soon, where, as usual, we will try to illustrate more of pros and cons using these investment plans.

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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