I hope you’ve read “First Thoughts” article about Breezen ( here ). Today we need to take the most popular investment plan / plans and as usual to make a brief math in order to make it absolutely clear which one of them may suit you and your investment portfolio. 

Let’s remember a shot part of previous article:

Now what are the plans details, before illustrating them pay your attention that Breezen has three main types of plan for cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Hedera, The Graph, Solana, Shiba Inu and additional plan for USDC.

To see them all, it’s better for you to enter your own account at Breezen and check. As for now, i will take just a few examples for different crypto coins:

BTC plans:


$65 / 365 Day


$565 / 365 Day


$3765 / 365 Day


Shiba Inu plans:


$25 / 365 Day


$245 / 365 Day


$1095 / 365 Day

As you can see you have different plans’ cost which also differ from one another in different crypto coins, so for example min. plan price for BTC (min. investment amount) is $65, while for Shiba Inu min. plan price (min. investment amount) is $25. This is also correct for other crytpo coins (Hedera, The Graph, Solana and USDC as stable coin), that is why i advice to check them one by one by yourself at your own account panel.

Below i want you to see how those offered plans look exactly from the internal side of account. For many of you it will be useful, i guess:

And there are also groups of plans for such coins like: The Graph, Solana and USDC. So if you are about to use one of those – check them in your Breezen account.

For our example let’s take “SHARED” BTC plan.

This is a daily (calendar-days) plan, that is why we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days). So we can move further.

Based on provided daily return of the plan we can calculate that it’s around 0.7% Daily for 365 days – meaning in 142 days you start receiving only your Net Profit.  

Your Total Gross Interest is 0.7% x 365 days = ~255.5% . This is your Total Return (ROI)

Your Net Profit is around ~155.5% from your deposit + 100% (as deposit included in return).

*Since the plans are already defined by deposit amount, investor can take 1, 2 or more plans in one OR different coins. Then you will need to check what daily % offered by different coin and calculate as above to see what daily return you get.

So what about DNI (Daily Net Interest – please read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, then you will be able to understand what that is a bit better). In Breezen it all depends on a particular coin and plan you take but in our specific example (“SHARED” BTC) we need to divide our Net Profit (155.5%) by 365 days and we get 0.42% – which is a LOW interest plan and therefore (hopefully) it allows the platform to be more stable and run for a longer period of time. 

*All other plans and coins offered by Breezen can have a different range and different DNI level. Check the one you have chosen as described above.

By the way here are limits for withdrawal on BTC, altered by the admin recently, so now users can withdraw money more often.

Min Withdrawal Limit 0.00021 BTC
Max Withdrawal Limit 5 BTC


OK, i hope the above example will be useful to most potential investors. Additional information for Breezen will be included in Part 2 fo the Review.

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