News Commentary #1,676 – Arbill 2.0 | Beta Version | Part 1

As you remember Arbill (reviewed here) informed all participants and potential investors about vesrion 2.0. It was announced and we mentioned this news update here as well, i believe.

So, Arbill 2.0 – Beta version was released and news were also published on the website. Not to make all the story too long, we will divide it into two short parts. Below you will be able to read part 1 of it:

Arbill 2.0 – Beta version released

Dear Arbill users,

We are ready for the beta version with a new form of operation. As previously announced, in version 2.0, we will act as a bridge between the trust Investor and the Project Owners. We create a platform to share information between the parties and ensure the keeping of funds as well as the payment of profits to the parties.

With this beta, we would like to send some instructions to you as below.


Project Owner: Account which create Projects, responsible for the Project and call for investment. Any account can become a Project Owner.

Investor: Account which selects the project and invests in potential projects and receives the interest rate according to the term announced by the Project.


To create project, you can explore at this link

The Project Fund (PF) will be fully managed by Project Owner. Project Owner can transfer money from the PF to owner account or transfer funds from the account to the PF. The interest used to pay for investment contracts will use the PF. The Project Owner should check the PF regularly to know the status of the Project’s payment, so transfer enough money to pay to avoid contract debt.

Interest paid on the investment contract will be paid automatically. In the event that the amount of funds in the fund is not sufficient to pay for any contract, the project will be updated to Problem status. Information about the amount of money owed will be in the project management section.

The interest rate of the project when shown to the Investor is the interest after deducting the fees is 9.09%.

Insurance is a fund that project owner deposits for the project. The insurance fund will be opened as soon as the project is closed. This fund will pay for contracts that are in an paying status as a proportion of the contract value.

We also allow the creation of private projects, i.e. the project will not be displayed in the project list and the investor will need a password provided by Project Owner to be able to create a contract.

here’s the part 2

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