When CarFoxes ( reviewed here ) platform changed its website for clients, new features and pages were added there.

We mentioned one of the features before in news. This time let’s take the information of Branding Program from same called page on their website. If some of you missed it, here is it:

Your car can bring a guaranteed income!

Car branding within the framework of a special CarFoxes program
Turn your car into an asset that will bring you a stable income. It’s fast and nothing about the process is difficult.
Car branding is one of the most effective advertising methods that appeals to a large audience. We invite owners of private cars to participate in the implementation of our advertising strategy to promote on the global market. Participants of the CarFoxes branding program can earn a decent profit by branding their cars.
Advantages of the CarFoxes Branding Program
Quick connection to the branding program
Costs are compensated by the company
Guaranteed profitability at the end of each reporting period
Monthly cycle

The period of time used to calculate the earnings. After the branded car has performed for a period corresponding to a calendar month, the customer is granted the profit for that time.


Company branding

In order to participate in the CarFoxes branding program and earn an additional profit, company branded stickers must be placed on both sides of the car body and hood.

The cost of branding the vehicle is borne by the customer, but the company will reimburse this cost for the duration of the collaboration.

Vehicles belonging to public transport or already branded with other companies cannot participate in the program.

There are several options to choose from for applying the logo.

How to participate in the CarFoxes branding program
Be an active investor in the company
At the time of application, you must have an active deposit on the Carfoxes platform.
Submit an application to participate
Take a photo of your car and attach photos to the application (an application can be made in the personal account in the tab “Program Branding”).
Approval of the application
Managers will review the application within three business days. Subject to approval, the car will be classified as belonging to one of three classes.
Car branding
Design layout is downloaded from the company’s website, created and inserted into the service selected by the customer. Retain all receipts for reimbursement by the company.
Presentation of a branded car
Video or photo footage clearly showing the car with the CarFoxes logo on both sides will be uploaded to your personal account. Photos or scans of payment receipts and photos showing mileage (vehicle odometer reading) at the beginning of the reporting period will also be uploaded there.
The CarFoxes branding program will be activated once the member’s entries have been verified.
Transfer of reports for profit calculation
At the end of the monthly cycle, it is necessary to restore the external condition of the vehicle with stickers on both sides and the odometer for profit calculation and send it to the personal account of the program participant for verification.
Payment of the remuneration to the program participant
After the calculation taking into account all indicators, the remuneration under the “branding program” by CarFoxes will be due and part of the cost of preparing the car will be reimbursed. The rest will be reimbursed with the next payment (the costs will be reimbursed in 6 equal installments, 1 installment per reporting period).
Timely reporting
In order to maintain a stable income, it is necessary to send reports on the external condition of the car and mileage at the end of each monthly cycle.

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