Recently you could read the EN “First Thoughts” article for CarFoxes platform. There we checked a so-called “legend” of the company and investment plans offered to potential investors. Let’s refresh a few things in mind:

This platform offers 6 different investment plans for all investors. Let’s take a look:

Daily plus: 0.5% Daily for 3 working days, min. deposit – $50, Profit for the term – 1.5%, Principal Back

Daily plus: 0.8% Daily for 7 working days, min. deposit – $251, Profit for the term – 5.6%, Principal Back

Quick return: 1.2% Daily for 15 working days, min. deposit – $50, Profit for the term – 18%, Principal Back

Quick return: 1.4% Daily for 25 working days, min. deposit – $5001, Profit for the term – 35%, Principal Back

Profitable asset: 4% Daily for 40 working days, min. deposit – $10000, Profit for the term – 160%, Principal Included

Profitable asset: 3% Daily for 60 working days, min. deposit – $50001, Profit for the term – 180%, Principal Included

It’s quite clear, that during the first stages (cycles) the both “Daily plus” plans AND “Quick return(1.2%)” plan will be used by 98% of investors. Further promotion and gaining more authority / credibility can also increase the popularity of other plans, though..

*I should note that CarFoxes has a fairly well-developed online calculator right on the main page. With the help of it, each of the investors will be able to see in sufficient detail main points of the selected plan and the estimated deposit amount. Relative to many other programs, this calculator is really made conveniently, efficiently and simply.

For our example i will take a Quick return ( 1.2% Daily for 15 working days ) plan.

Please notice that all of the plans work on Working days (Monday-Friday). We need to convert business days to calendar days by multiplying the number of business days by 30/22 conversion factor. If you do so, you get ~20.45 calendar days. Let’s round it up to 20 days for further simplicity.

We first check a Net Interest that you will receive in the 20 days ( 15 working days ). It would be 18% (1,2% x 15 days).  As it usually happens with most “Principal Back” plans, you get your Break Even point when your deposit is returned to you – at the end of the plan. In our case in ~20 calendar days.

Based on simple math – Your Total Return On Investment (ROI = Total Net Interest + Principal Back) is 118% (18% + 100%).

Let’s check DNI (Daily Net Interest). If you divide 18% by 20 days, you get that the average Daily Net Interest (DNI) for the plan is ~ 0.9%. This means – it is still enters the group of LOW interest plans (read more in EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 about it).

I guess that won’t be a problem for you to calculate another one from offered by CarFoxes plans.

Ok, now you know better how one of CarFoxes plans works. In the second part of the review, we will be able to provide more details and terms of use…

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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