HeselinBot bot – new platform, that was launched around 2 days ago and started “BOTS” listing on EmilyNews Monitor yesterday. This is a so-called “doubler” investment bot that has a single one plan – doubling your investment amount in 100 hours.

It has also a website (heselin.ltd) but ALL functionality (deposits, withdrawals, etc..) is possible ONLY through Telegram BOT. The website is only a kind of presentation page of the program for investors.

*Before we take a quick look at plan, let me post a kind reminder, which we decided to include every time in “First Thoughts” articles about “doubler” bots, programs.


i DO WANT to remind all EN Community members once again of one important thing.

Whether you are the one of BIG investors looking for platforms to profit from your $ 2K + deposits OR you are one of EN experienced readers / investors who knows how to manage risk and invest wisely OR you are new here and just tried to participate in HYIPs a couple of times…

We’ve already seen some of the so-called doublers (doubling your deposit and returning 200% after the term) platforms with “After” plans. Among “doublers” we saw both:

– VERY stable, popular platforms from (as it was proved by programs’ stable workflow) rather professional administrators. Examples from past like: Doubler (was reviewed here) or Boublr (was reviewed here) with thousands of participants and thousands of EN readers as referrals of 1st, 2nd or 3d levels or like Borton (was reviewed here) and Girali (was reviewed here) and few others, which also performed rather good, those platforms worked and paid 200% back to all members honestly for 4 – 5 or even MORE cycles

– And also platforms such as Azmorels, from admin who only wanted to get deposits as fast as possible and escape without completing even 1 or 2 cycles for their investors who trusted them.

That’s why you have always to think twice before investing in any hyip and especially in “doublers” or “After” plan programs. We can never know exactly, which admin is behind a particular program at the beginning.


Now let’s get back to HeselinBot. Here’s what it claims of itself:

Our Team

We consist of professional stock traders by education and experience. A private company built by compassion in trading to help investors earn. 

Artificial intelligence

With this systematic trading, we have minimize losses and maximize profits with the trades we do everyday. We also use AI to have more secure system against all type of security breaches done by possible attackers so you can guarantee your investment is safe with us.

Bull or Bear

It does not matter if the market is up or down, with our expertise, we already know when to gain profits by the market trends. 

As you could already notice, there is one investment offer for members and different accepted coins – BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, RIPPLE, BNB, USDT(trc20), TRON:

Double your BNB in 100 hours

Here’s the thing you must understand: you can invest via many different available coins (mentioned above) BUT you receive your 200% profit payout BACK in BNB (Binance Smart Chain) coin. At the moment of deposit (via the telegram bot) you will already see what will be the return for you in BNB coin.

Let’s wish a success and good performance for this doubler and other doublers, which coming to EN community for the benefit of INVESTORS (at first) and Admins (at second).

That’s all for now and as usual, Part 1 of the review on HeselinBot platform with a bit more details and calculations will be published soon.

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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