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You could read the “First Thoughts” article on Borton bot platform recently here. Most of you must remember that we mentioned there its investment plan. Let’s refresh a part of that article in your minds:

As you could already notice above, there is one investment offer for members and one accepted (at the moment) coin – BTC:

Double your BTC in 100 hours

Your trusted bitcoin booster

  • All investors are welcome in our company. That is why we are allowing as low as 1$ for both investment and withdrawal.

*I remind you that not all previous doubler-style platforms (Bots / Websites / Website-Bots) were successful, but yes, some of them (4 already for sure) brought investors enough cycles (5 and more) and very good profits. The strategy of investors in such-called “doublers” is also different. Some of you prefer to wait until the green paying status appear (or full cycle is done), while others try to jump in asap (this is based on my personal affiliate stats).. As you must understand the risk / reward ratio will also be different then.. And it’s a normal case because each of you has your own mind and own decisions (own accepted risk / reward ratio) in your head…

Now with a simple math we will take a look at this plan in details so you will be able to better understand the risk-reward ratio for yourself and make a right decision of when and how it’s profitable for you to participate here..

No conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) needed – “After” plan counts every single day after the deposit, without days off.

To illustrate it simple, let’s imagine investor joins this Borton bot with 0.01 in Bitcoin. After 100 hours (a bit more than 4 days) the Total Gross Interest will be 0.02 Btc (200%) on his balance. 

*Pay attention to the fact that this BOT provides instant payouts BUT you have to click “withdraw button” once you get your 200% on your account available balance. That’s very important to understand as before most of so-called “doublers” did automatic payouts on your public bitcoin addresses. 

As you can see, your break-even point is the exact END of term (as it goes in “After” plans) and your Net Profit is 100% of your deposit.

Dividing 100% (Net Profit) by 4 days, we get a DNI25% , which, of course, makes this type of plan an extremly HIGH Interest one.

Well, i see, many of you would like to see this BOT entering the list of most successful doublers. Let’s see how many cycles and Net Profit it can bring to investors..

We will continue updating you on all the news of this platform. In Part 2 of the Review we will pay attention to additional information which can be also useful to most of you…

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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