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Today we continue with Evelo platform. You might remember that in our previous (“First Thoughts”) article about Evelo – “Silver” listing program, we checked the description of the platform and looked through the offered investment plans..

Now let’s talk about offered plans. Evelo platform have 4 of them for the clients. Let’s illustrate them below as simple as possible:

  • 1.5% Daily for 15 days, Minimum deposit: $30 – $100 000, Capital : Return after end of plan
  • 2.5% Daily for 20 days, Minimum deposit: $1000 – $100 000, Capital : Return after end of plan
  • 200% After 6 days, Minimum deposit: $1500 – $100 000, Capital : Included
  • 250% After 4 days, Minimum deposit: $2500 – $100 000, Capital : Included

And of course, that’s not that hard to determine that the first “1.5% Daily for 15 days” plan must be and will be the most popular here, in my opinion.. So I can assume that 95% of all deposits will go straight to this plan at the first stages of the platform. Possibly after several cycles only this number can be reduced to 90% and that will give an increase in the percentage of deposits in the other 3 plans.

Since this is a daily (calendar-days) plan, we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days). So we can move right to the math..

Let’s take for our example the first (1.5% Daily for 15 days) – most popular plan.

As it often happens in “Principal Back” plans, we break even here at the end of plan – meaning in 15 days. Your Net Profit will be (1.5% x 15 days) = 22.5%.  

Your Total Gross Interest is 22.5% + 100% = 130% . This is your Total Return (ROI)

The next step is to calculate a DNI (Daily Net Interest). If you are a new here – please read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, then you will be able to understand what that is a bit better..

If we divide your Net Profit (22.5%) by 15 days of this investment plan – we will get BACK our daily return and in plans like that (“Principal Back” plans) – it’s also our DNI (1.5% in our case). By our DNI standards we are dealing with  Medium interest plan in this case.

By the way, right on the main page of Evelo website investors can find online calculator which is designed to show potential participants some details related to all investment plans. So all investors can also use it beforehand and to see what will be the profit from different amounts of deposits.

OK, i guess the above example will be useful to most potential investors and will save their time while thinking of risk/return ratio of joining Evelo. Additional information of the platform will be included in Part 2, as always..

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