Just a few days ago MidoFinance platform (reviewed here) announced that the list of accepted payment methods for an investor became wider.

Usually investment platforms already have USDT ERC-20 and with time they announce the addition of USDT TRC-20 (on Tron) token because of lower commissions and fees of transactions.. In this case , as claimed by MidoFinance admin team, they were asked by users to add USDT ERC-20 but you must pay attention to deposit and withdrawal amounts are much higher.

Read below:

Great news – we have added USDT ERC-20!

Our investors have been asking for one of the most popular stable coins USDT ERC-20 for a long time, and today we did it.
This is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies because many investors prefer to store their funds in this particular currency to minimize volatile price fluctuations in the market. Each USDT token is pegged to the US dollar, held in Tether Limited’s reserve balance.

As you know, when withdrawing funds, we pay the transaction fee ourselves, and for this cryptocurrency, it is very high. Therefore, please note that the minimum replenishment amount of the platform balance is 250 USDT ERC-20, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 200 USDT ERC-20. So be sure to consider this when choosing this cryptocurrency for investment.

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