I hope you’ve read previous article about MidoFinance. If not – here it is. Today we have to take the most popular investment plan / plans and as usual to make a brief math in order to make absolutely clear what plan may suit you and what is not. Let me remind you a wide list of investment offers:

Now let’s talk about plans. This is a platform from the camp of those ones that offer a really large list of different plans. These investment plans are also divided into several subgroups, I will try to illustrate this as simple as possible:

Crypto Trading
The profitability of this line of investment plans is achieved through intraday trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
During our work, we have assembled a team of professional crypto traders who are constantly improving and developing, achieving all the best results. A competent trading strategy and mathematically calculated risk management provide a guaranteed daily profit, a part of which we share with our investors.
We offer our investors 6 investment plans. Deposits are refunded at the end of the term. The profit is accrued on business days. The percentage of profit depends on the deposit amount.
Minimum: 0.7% Daily. Deposit term – 7 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 50 – 98 USDT.

Principal withdrawal: Yes
Base: 0.8% – 1% Daily. Deposit term – 27 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 50 – 492 USDT.

Principal withdrawal: Yes
Advanced: 1.1% – 1.3% Daily. Deposit term – 37 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 987 – 2472 USDT.

Principal withdrawal: Yes
Business: 1.4% – 1.6% Daily. Deposit term – 47 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 4943 – 7417 USDT.

Principal withdrawal: Yes
Premium: 1.7% – 1.9% Daily. Deposit term – 57 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 9888 – 17303 USDT.

Principal withdrawal: Yes
Maximum: 2.0% – 2.2% Daily. Deposit term – 67 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 24722 – 49442 USDT.

Principal withdrawal: Yes
DeFi Area
DeFi has always been at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain industry.
Our analysts are constantly monitoring the news, studying new tokens and liquidity pools, offers of exchanges and DEX exchangers. We find the most promising and profitable offers and invest in them.
DeFi sector allows for the most profit in the long term.
This line of investment plans provides a floating daily interest rate that dynamically changes within specified limits. It depends on the profit we received on a particular day.
White: 2.3-2.5% Daily. Deposit term – 80 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 196- 986 USDT.

*Profit and deposit returned at the end of the cycle
Bronze: 2.8-3.0% Daily. Deposit term – 90 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 987- 4942 USDT.

*Profit and deposit returned at the end of the cycle
Silver: 3.1-3.3% Daily. Deposit term – 100 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 4943- 9886 USDT.

*Profit and deposit returned at the end of the cycle
Gold: 3.4-3.6% Daily. Deposit term – 110 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 9888- 24721 USDT.

*Profit and deposit returned at the end of the cycle
Platinum: 3.7-3.9% Daily. Deposit term – 120 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 24722- 49442 USDT.

*Profit and deposit returned at the end of the cycle
Special: 4.1-4.3% Daily. Deposit term – 140 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Deposit limits: 49443- 494429 USDT.

*Profit and deposit returned at the end of the cycle
NFT Industry
NFT (non-fungible tokens) is a future that has already caused a lot of noise and attracts more and more new investors every day.
Our specialists study new NFT collections every day and estimate their value, potential profit and areas for their resale. We invest large amounts of cryptocurrency in new NFT lots and sell them to collectors or put them up for auction. This provides a stable profit in a short time.
As soon as our specialists find new NFT objects to resell, we put out several lots to make this sector available to our investors.
Each lot consists of several shares. Each lot has different marketing, different number of shares, different cost of shares. Every time someone buys 1 share, the available number is reduced by 1. After buying out all the shares, the lot is closed.
Lots appear randomly at the request of the administration, so we recommend checking this page periodically so as not to miss the next hot offer, because the number of promotions is limited!
A310: 2% Daily. Deposit term – 11 days (accruals: Monday – Friday), Share Price: 98 USDT.
(*a note from EN: I believe here we also talk about “Principal Back” plan, the site only mentions a 22% net profit for that particular plan.)

*By the way, the min. withdrawal amount is 10 USD

You should note that all plans here work on business (working) days only. We take a “Base” (0.8% – 1% Daily) plan as our first example. Its Deposit term is 27 days and these are the days (from Monday to Friday), which you receive your accruals on. You will notice that in your personal area too. So the whole plan time frame is around 34-35 days (depending on what day you make your deposit)

The Total Interest that you get within 27 bus. days will be 121.6% (0.8% x 27 business days) + 100% of initial deposit. You can already see that your NET Profit is around 21.6%.

The Break Even point here is the same like in most “Principal Back” plans. You break even exactly at the end of the plan after you get our deposit back in ~35 calendar days.

Now it’s time to check a DNI (Daily Net Interest) level. It must show us whether we can consider MidoFinanceBase” plan as a LOW, MEDIUM or a HIGH interest one. (For all newcomers – please read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, then you will be able to understand a DNI analysis much better..)

If you divide your Net Profit (21.6%) by ~35 calendar days of this investment plan, you get a DNI0.62%. Therefore we still can consider it as a LOW interest plan.

*Just briefly

about Minimumplan:

Total Interest – 104.9%.

NET Profit – 4.9%. 

You Break even in ~9 calendar days.

DNI – 0,54% -> LOW interest.

about Advancedplan:

Total Interest – 140.7%.

NET Profit – 40.7%. 

You Break even in ~47 calendar days.

DNI – 0,86% -> LOW interest.

about A310plan:

Total Interest – 122%.

NET Profit – 22%. 

You Break even in ~13 calendar days.

DNI – 1,7% -> MEDIUM interest.

*Pay attention to the fixed investment amount – 97 USDT

Well, i guess, based on this script you will be able to check any of listed plans.

As you see, you have both Low and Medium interest plans here.. Usually that’s good for as conservative so adventurous investors.

The plans with higher interest rates like: Business, Premium and others may become popular in the near future when all investors try first those mentioned above, in my opinion..

In Part 2 of the Review we will also pay attention to additional information which will be useful for everyone who already joined MidoFinance or yet looking for the right moment.. Please stand by..

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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