The Review Outline.

Did you ever wonder what we try to include in an Emily News review of a new HYIP?  Well, believe it or not, we actually have an OUTLINE that we try to follow!  We don’t always succeed with is; but, we do try!  Sometimes the information we need to complete the outline simply isn’t available on the HYIP website we are trying to review.  At other times, there is additional information available that is too important to pass by.  So, we include that too.

Before I list the items in the outline, it is important for you to know that we at Emily News feel that the two items that the investor would most like to know about is what we think of the company and what we think of its investment plans.  And, of these two items, by far we feel that the most important one is the investment plans.  So, as most of you probably have experienced in reading our reviews, that’s what we devote the most time to.  But, I’ll come back to this in a minute.  Let’s begin with our outline for the review of the typical HYIP:

First, we introduce the company and provide some basic statistics, such as how long it has been online, how many investors it has, and the amount of money invested in it, so that you get a feel for the quantitative background of the company.

Second, we try to provide an overview of the business the company is involved with.  This, of course, is the means by which the company supposedly generates the money that it uses to pay interest earnings to its investors.  This is a tricky issue.  First of all, experienced investors know that 95% of the “legends” that an HYIP writes about its activities are just that, legends; they are completely imaginary.  However, most investors would like to believe that they ARE investing their money in a real company and cling to the hope that this may truly be the case with the company they are dealing with.  If they do suspect that an HYIP will ultimately close, they at least hope that this will be months down the road rather than the typical “here today, gone tomorrow” program.  So, as we have explained in HYIP Insights #6 (that you can read here), when we review a program, we assume that the “legend” a company gives about its revenue sources is true (even though this is probably not the case!).  Then, we wait and see what happens.  If we become aware of information that indicates the company is a definite scam, we pass it along to our readers.  If nothing turns up, we remain quiet.  You might say that we follow the policy of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Third, we take a very careful look at the investment plans offered by the company.  As I already indicated, this is the most important part of our reviews.  Wait still a bit more for a discussion of this…

Fourth, we briefly point out the payment processors that the company uses and comment on deposit and withdrawal procedures, including time to process them and, where appropriate, minimum and maximum allowable deposits and withdrawals.

Fifth, we discuss the company’s affiliate program pointing out any unique features that might make it more or less profitable that the norm.

Sixth, we briefly talk about support that’s available from the company.

Seventh, and last, we summarize key points in the program emphasizing features that appear to be either dangerous or advantageous to the potential investor.  We will ALWAYS close with a warning about the risks of investment in HYIPs!

Investment Plans.

The analysis of an HYIP’s investment plans is the meat of an Emily News review.  In fact, I think it is safe to say that no other HYIP monitor provides the in-depth look at a company’s investment plans that you can find at Emily News.  We do our best to provide an honest, logical, and mathematically correct analysis of a company’s investment plans.  As many of you have probably already learned, it can be extremely difficult to compare the merits of one investment plan with another; it is very easy to be tricked!  Sometimes a plan offering a lower percent interest will be more profitable that a plan with a higher one.  Sometimes a shorter term plan will be more profitable that a longer term one.  It all comes down the COMBINED effect of both of these factors: interest rate and investment term.  What an investor really wants to know is — on the average — how much profit he will be putting into his pocket every day of an investment plan.  This is what we call the “Daily Net Interest” or “DNI” that an investment plan provides (please read HYIP Insights #12 here for more information on DNI).  You may not actually receive this much cash in your hand every day as, typically, at the beginning of an investment plan, you will be receiving your deposit back, while at the end, you will be making 100% profit.  DNI is the AVERAGE profit that you will put into your pocket.  I hope it is very clear to you that, if — on the average — one plan gives you a higher daily net profit than another, it is the more lucrative one.  The term, DNI, is Emily News’ contribution to methods of analyzing and comparing HYIP investment plans.  When we review a program, we will ALWAYS include a calculation of the DNI for every investment plan that it offers.  If you have read some of our reviews, you already know that we have come up with some surprising results.  In some cases we have come up with a DNI that is truly off the chart, so high that it would seem impossible for a company to pay these returns on a sustainable basis.  In other cases, we have discovered that a “trial” investment plan might be more profitable that a company’s featured plans.  And, in a few cases, we have discovered that, while two or more investment plans that a company offers might appear to be very different at first glance, in reality they are all equally profitable.

In summary, I don’t think that you will find this type of analysis of investment plans anywhere else.  So, the bottom line is to stay tuned to Emily News if you would really like to find out the best places to invest your hard earned money.  We work hard to put this information together for you.  Make use of it!  And, Good Luck!


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