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Few days ago you’ve read the “First Thoughts” article on Cloner – one of the programs that entered DIAMOND listing 6 days ago (at the moment of writing). You may remember some details of platform’s investment offer:

Let’s move on to their investment offer. There is one but slightly changing day by day plan for investor, check below:

Our investment offer is 4-6 % daily and up to a 220% income with principal included. The interest rate of daily income for new investors will grow by 0.1% daily to 6%. To update your previous interest rate to the new percentage, it is enough to make reinvestment in the same paysystem.

Income charges are occur every 24 hours, the principal of deposit is included in payments, every cryptocurrency works floatly to usd.
All withdrawals are occur instantly, BTC withdrawals may be processed within 3 hours depending on Blockchain.

At the time of writing it’s:

5.3% Daily Up to 220% ROI

( min. deposit – $30 )

Principal included.

As you see , the previous 12 days Cloner have been increasing the daily accrual by 0.1% and will continue doing that for several more days to reach 6% daily fixed earning.

For now daily accrual rate has been increased up to 5.7% already and very soon (in 3 days) will reach its top of 6% daily.. 

*if you don’t mind, we will analyze this plan with exactly 6% interest rate in more detail ..

Since we have daily (calendar-days) plan, we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) here.

The first check is when you break even. As you see – the initial deposit is included in daily accruals. Let’s devide 100% by 6% and you get ~16.6 days until the moment you get back all of your investment and start earning already pure profit

The Net Profit (in our case) can be calculated very easy.. Since Cloner investment plan works untill you get 220% ROI (your Total Return), you see that Net Profit is 120% (220% – 100%).

Next step, as always, is to check our DNI (Daily Net Interest) to see the level of profitability.

*For newcomers – read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, so that you will be able to understand it much better..

If you divide your Net Profit (120%) by 16.6 days of this investment plan – you will get a DNI7.2%. Thus you can classify it as a HIGH interest investment offer, which is usually much more interesting for an adventurous investor.. 🙂

Before i interrupt myself, let me include an affiliate offer of this program. That is what some investors always ask me to mention in reviews, however (usually and it must be so..) this information is very easy to find on any interested platform.. Here is it:

After login in your dashboard, make sure you get your unique affiliate link for free and just share your affiliate link on our company among your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

With our lucrative affiliate program we have provide a perfect multi-level structure where you and your partners will grow together. Develop your investors team with 5% – 2% – 1% referral commissions from each new member you add, and remember there are no limitations on the amounts you can earn.

Well done, now you can see how the Cloner investment plan works exactly. In the second part of this review, we will provide more details, features and terms of use if needed… It must be done pretty soon.. Stand by please…


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