Let’s continue today with RoboticsOnline platform. You may remember our previous (“First Thoughts”) article about  this “Silver” listing program. We checked the project’s description and briefly looked through the investment plan it offers:

4.41 %

Profits of the last 12-day investment period


How you can earn money

At Robotics.Online, you can start investing in an investment plan that we have defined for as little as $ 50. You do not pay any fees when making a deposit or keeping an account – you receive your profits proportionately from our company profit.

You win when we win!

How we do it

At Robotics.Online we focus on diversifying our investment portfolio into different areas of the future-oriented economy.

In addition to our core business of automated work “Robotics”, and selected start-ups, we also invest in the most future-oriented areas of the current time: cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

With your investment you hold shares in this very portfolio and make a profit if we do it.

Consistent returns with a short term

A unique selling point of our investment platform is that all investment plans have a term of just 12 working days.

Day after day, every 24 hours after an investment has been made, the returns you have achieved are displayed so that you can keep a close eye on your investment progress.

At the end of the 12-day term, all returns are credited to you and you can freely dispose of your credit.

On autopilot to compound interest

Decide to invest long-term and turn on the autpilot. At the end of a term, your capital including profits will be fully reinvested for a further 12 days, so that you can benefit twice with the help of compound interest.

Your advantage: You will receive an additional bonus for each completed term – because we appreciate you as a long-term investor.

Not the traditional presentation of investment plans, isn’t it?) At least it’s a bit different and the returns of these 12 business days plan has no exact amount but a variable returns of up to 0.5%. Got it? Well done, then..

Let’s move on, but before that i would like to note that based on 4 payouts from RoboticsOnline we have received (you can check on details page – “payments” button) we can deduce the average percentage ~0.4%. This way it will be much more convenient to work with further..

We need to convert business days to calendar days by multiplying the number of business days by a 30/22 conversion factor. If you do so, you get ~16.3 calendar days. Let me round it up to 16 days for further simplicity.

Let’s first check our Net Interest that you will receive in the 16 days ( 12 working days ). It would be 4.8% (0,4% x 12 days).  As it usually happens with most “Principal Back” plans, you get your Break Even point when your deposit is returned to you – at the end of the plan. In our case in 16 calendar days.

Doing a simple math you understand that Your Total Return On Investment (ROI = Total Net Interest + Principal Back) is 104.8% (4.8% + 100%).

Now it’s time to check DNI (Daily Net Interest). If you divide 4.8% by 16 days, you get that the average Daily Net Interest (DNI) for the plan is ~ 0.3%. This means it is a LOW interest plan (more about DNI in EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4).

Well, i would say that the conservative investors would be happy to see such a percentage as they like it )). Probably this is the main reason Robotics.Online program could run for already much more than 1 year and keeps doing well so far..

Another thing to mention here in Part 1 of the review is that you have an option of automatic reinvest AND a bonus for using it.. here is the detailed explanation of that:

What is the “Automatic Reinvest” option?

With “Automatic Reinvest”, you can tie up your capital in the long term and receive additional profits.
As soon as you have activated this option on a plan, your returns, including the original capital, will be automatically reinvested at the end of the term.
These reinvestments run until you deactivate them. This way, you can benefit twice from the compound interest effect!
You will receive a 4% bonus for each completed term. The limit for that added bonus is 76 %.

Example calculation:
You will receive a return of 2% over a period of 12 business days.
Your bonus is 40%, so your return will be increased by this amount.
With a $ 1,000 investment, your 2% return would be exactly $ 20.
The 40% bonus will now count towards the $ 20 win or 2%.
So you get an additional $ 8.

Your return for this term is, therefore, $ 28.

Okey, that’s enough for this part. In the second one of this review, we will provide more details, features and terms of use… Stand by please…

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