In one of our previous articles – ZionFinance Review Part 1 (read here) we did a simple math, so that you can better understand what kind of profit this platform offers to you. Now, you also see the risk reward ratio much better. Here is the piece of that article:

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No conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) needed – the plan works everyday without days off.

First first example we check a deposit of $1000 (to be perfectly clear and simple) for 30 days as min. time-term. In this case your daily accruals will be 0.2%. Thus we reach the break-even point after 30 days – end of plan exactly. The Net Profit you receive is 6% ( 30 days x 0.2% ). The Total Gross Interest you receive here is (6% + 100% (Deposit Back) ) – 106%.

What is the DNI then? (EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 – to understand what DNI (Daily Net Interest) is..)

Dividing 6% (Net Profit) by 30 days we get a DNI – 0.2% (our daily accrual). Based on our DNI range it is a LOW Interest plan.

Second example is to check the same deposit amount BUT for a Max time term – 360 days. 

In this case your daily accruals are increased and reached 0.5%. Here we reach the break-even point after 200 days (100% / 0.5% = 200 days). The Net Profit you receive is 180% ( 360 days x 0.5% ). The Total Gross Interest you receive is (180% + 100% (Deposit Back) ) – 280%.

Dividing 180% (Net Profit) by 360 days we get a DNI – 0.5% ( also a daily accrual, like it happens in most “Deposit Back” plans ). And this time DNI is ALSO still a LOW Interest plan.

This percentage of return and DNI level are usually more preferable for conservative investors who have no rush to get their profit but like to see more stability in the investment plans. However “playing” with time-term of this plan, which is available for each participant, it may happen that many adventurous investors who like to get MAX available profit in a SHORT time would find it as a good option too. Taking into consideration the life time of ZionFinance (almost 3 years) – probably many of them did that already 🙂

The core point of this part – is to clarify rules and terms of use, which each of you as an investor must know before you deposit in ZionFinance. Let’s highlight the most important of them:

Where is the company registered?

The main office of the managing company Zion Finance LTD is located in the UK.
The official registration details are available on the link.

There is also an office in Hong Kong.
You can find our company in the roster under the registered number 2853334 here Certificate of incorporation

What opportunities does the registration of a personal account give?

After registration, you will be able to make a profit based on your deposit plan, make instant money transfers within the system with other registered users around the world, get a referral bonus from the company for attracting investments from other users.

What is a PIN code?

PIN code is a unique 4-digit code that you enter during registration. PIN code is used when saving (changing) information in your account (password, wallet address, etc.)

How can I delete my personal data from the system?

All personal data is automatically removed from the system when you delete your personal account. To do this, you need to close all active deposits and contact support. Your personal account will be deleted within 24 hours.

What is the interest rate on deposits?

The interest rate on deposits is:

  • Total return 106% (0.20% daily accruals) for 30 days;
  • Total return 113.2% (0.22% daily accruals) for 60 days;
  • Total return 121.6% (0.24% daily accruals) for 90 days;
  • Total return 131.2% (0.26% daily accruals) for 120 days;
  • Total return 142% (0.28% daily accruals) for 150 days;
  • Total return 154% (0.3% daily accruals) for 180 days;
  • Total return 169.3% (0.33% daily accruals) for 210 days;
  • Total return 186.4% (0.36% daily accruals) for 240 days;
  • Total return 205.3% (0.39% daily accruals) for 270 days;
  • Total return 226% (0.42% daily accruals) for 300 days;
  • Total return 251.8% (0.46% daily accruals) for 330 days;
  • Total return 280% (0.50% daily accruals) for 360 days;

How is profit accrued?

Deposit interest is paid every day and the body of the deposit is paid at the end of the term. The entire deposit amount and accrued profit are transferred to the internal balance and will be available for reinvestment or withdrawal to your e-wallet.

What currency can I create a deposit in?

Creating a deposit in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, Tether ERC20 USDT , Tether TRC20 USDT, Tron TRX.

What is the minimum for making a deposit?

There is a set minimum deposit amount for each payment system: 0.0010 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 0.05 ETH, 200 USDT(ERC20), 10 USDT(TRC20), 200 TRX

What is the minimum/maximum withdrawal amount?

The minimal withdrawal amount is 0.0005‬ BTC, 0.05 LTC, 0.025 ETH, 100 USDT(ERC20), 1 USDT(TRC20), 100 TRX. Each investor can withdraw without limitations.

Is there a withdrawal fee?

The company charges a withdrawal fee of LTC = 0.0005 , ETH = 0.002, BTC = 0.00005, USDT(ERC20) = 5, USDT(TRC20) = NO FEE, TRX = NO FEE.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will these funds be available in my e-wallet account?

Payments are made daily during working hours from 10.00 – 17.00 UTC. Maximum processing time is 3 business days.

Pretty detailed FAQ i must say… ZionFinance platform has the following links to social networks:

Well done, now you can say you know a lot about this platform. Hopefully both parts of this review saved your time.. We will continue updating about all important news from ZionFinance. They will be published here as always…

Do not forget to stay positive and check other news..


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