Recently we had published the  “First Thoughts” article on the AktosInvest platform, where we mentioned the investment plans offered to potential investors. Let me remind you a part of that info:

Below you can see all 6 investment plans. 3 of them offer Daily accruals while other 3 – Monthly accruals:

Daily plans:

  • Tech Fund Conservative – 1.5% Daily for 30 Days ( min. deposit – $20 ), Principal Back
  • Crypto Fund ETF medium – 2.5% Daily for 60 Days ( min. deposit – $1,000 ), Principal Back
  • 10X Fund Startup – 4% Daily for 90 Days ( min. deposit – $2,000 ), Principal Back

Montly plans:

  • WD Black campaign for Gamers – 30% Monthly After 30 Days ( min. deposit – $10 ), Principal Back
  • Revamping of Datacenter NL – 40% Monthly for 60 Days ( min. deposit – $500 ), Principal Back
  • 10X Fund Startup – 50% Monthly for 90 Days ( min. deposit – $1,000 ), Principal Back

As you can see all the plans have Principal Back option as well as option to Cancel your investment and to withdraw your initial deposit BUT you have to pay attention to FEEs page where you see the exact fee amount for such operation – “Equal to the project’s returns, min. 10%“. As far as we can see, all NET earnings will be removed OR 10% of deposit is a minimal fee, in case there aren’t enough returns yet.. This is an important condition that the investor should know before he decides to cancel any investment on this platform.

Well, about the plans.. I guess it’s quite clear that Tech Fund Conservative – 1.5% Daily for 30 Days will and SHOULD be the most popular based on Risk / Reward ratio.. At least during the first cycles.. And in case AktosInvest platform proves its long-term perspectives then other plans (basically with Daily accruals, i believe) will be also used for investments.

So Back to our example – “Tech Fund Conservative – 1.5% Daily for 30 Days” plan..

No conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) needed – the plan works everyday without days off.

Let’s check when we break even here. You must already know, that in most “Principal Return” plans, investor gets a BEP (break-even point) on the day the deposit is returned. The same thing we get here – we reach the break-even point after 30 days exactly.

The Total Gross Interest you receive here is (1.5% x 30 days + 100%) – 145%.

The Net Profit you receive is 45% ( 145% – 100% (PrincipalBack) )

Next thing to check – DNI (Daily Net Interest), to see the level of profitability (EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 will help you to understand what DNI is, if you are a newbie with this term). I remind you that most “Principal Back” plans have DNI equal to the daily return. Let’s check it in our example – Dividing 45% (Net Profit) by 30 days we get a DNI – 1.5%. Based on our DNI range standards it is a Medium Interest plan.

Hopefully, now you are a bit more sure of how the AktosInvest investment plan works. In the second part of this review, we will provide more details, features and terms of use…

Please, stand by… and check other news..


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