Ok, we need to continue and today let’s do it with the first Part of Review for GreenWorld – GRW Token. I remind you that this is not an usual / regular investment platform, so some things may not be so clear at first glance, both for you and for us.. So we try to sort things out here and let’s make it together.. As far as i understand at the moment GRW is a token which (as admin claims) will be shorty listed on different exchangers so that its price (as it usually happens in such cases) will increase.. Together with listing process admin of this platform create P2P exchanger and he has already created a TG Bot by which you can Buy GRW / Sell GRW and you can simply Hold your tokens to get daily interest.

Let’s check what we mentioned in previuous article:

According to the administrator, who contacted EN at the end of 2020 at the first time, it is at the stage of presale. By the way, recently, we have received several requests for the placement of blockchain tokens/coins. Some of them are still under development, so they cannot be listed yet… however GreenWorld – GRW Token, as far as i could see, can already be found in the list of the Tronscan website (tronscan.org), where you can use search form and find “GRW” token. Here is also a few direct links to that token, i’ve found ( https://tronscan.org/#/searchResult/grw?type=tokens , https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TH5WE3EipByabjhXYnh9NTPRnJxSkgVyBo ) – (*Tronscan site is for coins developed on the basis of the Tron blockchain)

We still can not provide full information, but according to the admin’s statements, the coin will develop and it will soon be listed on well-known exchangers, as is usually the case with all new crypto coins… Well, we’ll be happy if it does happen in the near future.. time will tell, as always..

As far as I understand, the administrator is also developing subsidiary services, including an investment program (based on TG bot – here) and his own exchanger, in order to attract a larger number of investors (mainly holders) to his coin / smart contract..

By this time, everyone of you is able to see the Bot and interest which it gives to GRW Token holders, i’ll repeat below:

GRW Raising Fund. Hold GRW in the bot and increase your tokens daily. Your profit is calculated according to your GRW tokens amount.
1 to 50000 GRW. Daily tokens increase 1%.
50000 GRW +. Daily tokens increase 1.5%.
Notes: 1. The quantity of GRW that you will have tomorrow is shown at your Balance page 2. GRW tokens quantity increased daily at midnight UTC.

Taking into account one of its recent updates:

GRW Pre-Sale price increased to 1.1 USD per 100 GRW

It looks like it goes this way currently:

  • ( min. deposit ~ $0.01 | max. deposit ~ $550 ) – 1% Daily Interest.
  • ( deposit more than ~ $550 ) – 1.5% Daily Interest.

Let’s do simple math and calculate what we get in the first plan..

With investment of $100 as example you will get $1 Daily interest and as far as i understand this is a kind of FOREVER plan, at least till another update is announced by GRW Token team..

We do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) here, because it works without days off.

To know when you Break Even you (as always) divide 100% by the 1% daily earning and thus you get 100 days exactly. Meaning – after 100 days, every next day of holding this token you will earn your Net Profit already. 

In “Forever” plans it’s impossible to calculate exact amounts of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest) investors are going to have. That’s is why we calculate on the terms of probabilities and not certainties.

Let’s assume that you hold your GRW tokens for 4 months (~120 days) in this bot before you withdraw it to your GRW personal wallet address. It looks pretty simple – NET profit is $20 and Total Return is $120.. But that’s not that right because in fact you will get more than $120. Why so? As far as i could see it myself in this bot you get 1% on the balance amnount and not on the deposit amount.. (like your compound function is automaticly ON).

Each and every day your balance goes up with 1% and increase so every next day your 1% will be worth more than 1% of previous one.. For instance when you reach the day of your balance holdings – $110, your 1% will be $1.1.. 

If we try to use our DNI method here and divide our NET Profit by the number of days, then for rather long period of time it will stay as LOW interest rate plan.. (If you are not familiar what DNI is – read EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4).

Well, i think, at least now we do better understand what GRW Token bot offers to all potential Token holders.. If this token will be included into crypto exchanges, as admin claims – of course the price for each token must also go up and therefore investors’ holdings will worth more too.. The time will tell, as we say and as we know..

Let me stop right here.. More information will be provided in next articles and daily news so please Stand By..

Stay positive and stay online with EN for more updates..


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