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Some days ago you read here on blog the “First Thoughts” article on  ArloBit platform. As you remember the program offers one investment plan for investors with gradually increasing percentage rate (up to 7%). Let’s repeat a part of that article for those who might have forgetten:

ArloBit platform offers one single investment plan:
*All deposit income withdrawal are instant. The interest rate increasing is occur every 24 hours.
*The deposits are have indefinite accruals term. The daily interest rate is increasing up to 7%.
Current percentage
6.20% daily forever
Minimum Deposit
10 USD
Deposit term
Principal available
after 168 hours

Okay, now you can note one unusual detail here. The interest rate increases every 24 hours and will increase up to 7% per day. At the moment it is 6.2%.

Well, as far as you can see on ArloBit site, only after a few days that we published that article, the daily percentage rate has already reached 7%. So let’s check this plan details based on this.. 

As you know we always start by checking the days of accrual. We see Calendar days here, that’s why we don’t need any conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days).

We deal with a fixed interest rate (right now) of 7.0% per day forever. Initial Deposits can be returned to investors after 168 hours (7 days). Pay attention to that option..

Let’s check when we break even with ArloBit investment plan. We divide 100% by the 7% and get around 14 days. That means we need two weeks to break even and only after that there is an opportunity to start making a Net Profit

Since we are dealing with a “perpetual” plan here, you should already know that it’s impossible to calculate an exact amounts of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest) because they all depend on a period of time that ArloBit platform works. Let’s make an example and imagine it will work for 17 days. (*You can put here any other number and do the same math to see different results)

To check the Total Gross Interest we multiply the number of days (17) by daily return (10%) | 17days x 10% = 119%

From here our Net Profit ( 119% – 100% ) = 19%.

Next step is to find out the DNI (To understand what DNI is – please, read EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, it will help you, if you are new here). We divide our Total Net Profit (19%) by 17 days (as our example) and we get a DNI of ~1.11%.

***Please remember 17 days is JUST an example. We have no possible ways to predict the exact period of time ArloBit program will work. It will depend mostly on Arlobit daily progress, its admin team’s plans, etc…

If we take our example as a basis, then 1.11% of DNI is a MEDIUM interest plan, which usually can suit both conservative and more adventurous investors.

Hopefully it was informative and saved your time a bit so you could better understand the concept of ArloBit. More information can be provided in the second part of this review in the future. Please stand by…


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