This project was moved on HOLD with PROBLEM status! Do NOT invest there anymore..

CryptoLine “First Thoughts” article was published more than a week ago. I am sure you remember that this platform offers 10 “FOREVER” plans for investors. Let me remind you what we had said in that article about CryptoLine investment plans :

  • 10% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $10
  • 11% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $1000
  • 12% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $2000
  • 13% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $3000
  • 14% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $4000
  • 15% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $5000
  • 16% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $6000
  • 17% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $7000
  • 18% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $8000
  • 20% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $2000

Quite a lot, isn’t it? But you should pay attention to the minimum deposit range. If we do this, we can say that 95% of investors, with a high degree of probability, will join the first (10% per day) plan. Maybe 5% for the second (11% per day). And only if the CryptoLine shows stability after the first cycle, then more participants will come to the second (11% per day) and possibly, the third plans (12% per day).

Well, it looks like the first BEP (Breakeven Point) is coming today and those adventurous investors who joined early may be ready to start making NET profit from tomorrow. As always, most, if not all, depends on the plans of the CryptoLine administrator and the stability of his platform… Leave your comment below if you are the one of such early participants. Anyway, we still have to make simple calculations to see the details of plan. Let’s do that right now.

We do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days). All 10 plans work each and every day.

Our example is – 10% Daily Forever plan.

On CryptoLine we break even in 10 days as you see.. We divide 100% by the 10% daily and get 10 days term. After these 10 days (our breakeven point) the Net Profit comes on a daily basis. 

Dealing with “FOREVER” plan, we cannot calculate the exact amount of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest), so we take the possible lifetime of the program to move on. Imagine CryptoLine works for 20 days. 

To get the Total Gross Interest we multiply the number of days (20) by daily return (10%) | 20 days x 10% = 200%

It must be clear now that our Net Profit ( 200% – 100% ) = 100%.

Now let’s see the DNI (check EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4). We divide our Total Net Profit (100%) by 20 days (from current example) and get a DNI of 5.00%. Of course it shows us a HIGH interest plan here.

Even if you consider yourself an experienced investor who knows what he is doing, remember – it is always good to diversify between HIGH – MEDIUM and LONG TERM plans on different platforms as well as to spend ONLY the amounts you can afford yourself to spend in hyip industry. 

I stop here at the moment.. Stay positive and hopefully we will continue with CryptoLine in the Part 2 of the review very soon. Stand by please…


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