This project was moved on HOLD with PROBLEM status! Do NOT invest there anymore..

ZrealBit is one of the new platforms recently added on EN. You may have already read the article “First Thoughts”, where we talked (a little) about the proposed investment plans. If not, you can find the full post among the latest here in Blog. Below is a small reminder (for those who forgot):

Click this LINK to watch the Presentation Video!

Here are the plans:

Get upto 0.33% profit every hour for lifetime!

  • Start Plan | 6% Daily Forever, min. deposit 0.001 btc (Deposit included)
  • Advance Plan | 7% Daily Forever, min. deposit 0.2001 btc (Deposit included)
  • Vip Plan | 8% Daily Forever, min. deposit 1.001 btc (Deposit included)
  • Special Plan | 2% Daily Forever, min. deposit 0.001 btc (Principal Back at anytime after 48 hours)

As you can see from the short announcement before the list of investment plans, ZrealBit members have hourly accruals .. this means you are not tied to any particular minute during the day to withdraw your profits.

..Good, i think now we can move on to our math…

First of all, all of the plans are “perpetual” investment plans – meaning that you make an investment once and that you will receive an interest return forever.

Now, let’s take a look at the Start Plan (6% Daily Forever) – the most popular and used among investors..

According to the daily return let’s see when we break even. If you divide 100% by the 6% daily return, you get that the investment plan will break even in ~17 days (16.66 days).

As far as we deal with “perpetual” plan, you do understand that the Net Profit directly depends on the lifetime of the program. So we can only calculate it with a theoretical number of days. Let’s say you are getting paid with this plan for 30 days from the day of your deposit. Then your Total Profit = 180% (6% x 30 days) from which 100% is your Initial Deposit and 80% is your Net Profit. Of course – the more days such plan works the more profit you get.

Your DNI (Daily Net Interest) then will be 2.66% . (we divide 80% by 30 days). Here is the DNI level versus lifetime:

  • Assumed lifetime of plan        DNI
  • 30 days                                  2.66%
  • 60 days                                  4.33%
  • 90 days                                  4.88%
  • 180 days                                5.44%

I would also like to mention here that ZrealBit offers a Special Plan (2% Daily Forever) with the same min. deposit amount to join.. The main difference is that you can get your Principal Back after 2 days already. That means that after 48 hours you break even already and get your 2% daily profit – 4% for two days.. – a good alternative to standard plans.

Of course, the profits here are much smaller than on any other plan, so it always remains a matter of choice whether you stick to a conservative and less profitable or a more adventurous and more profitable investment strategy.

Enough for now, let’s continue in the Part 2 of this review. There we will pay attention to additional ZrealBit terms and conditions. Part 2 is coming soon. Please stand by…


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