In our previous Part of this review (read here) we went through the investment plans and performed some calculations to understand the profitability and sustainability of the program. Let me remind you of our conclusion:

…You earn 0.8% daily for 3 weeks (21 days). The total gross interest is 116.8% from which your NET return is 16.8% and your Principal deposit will be returned to you at the end of 21st day. So, you can say that the daily interest you have received is NET profit. Here is why the “daily net interest” or DNI that the investment plan pays you is the same in such kind of plans:

  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to break even
  • Bronze             0.8%               21 days (plan length)
  • Silver               1.0%               28 days (plan length)
  • Gold                 1.3%               35 days (plan length)

According to EN HYIP Insights #12 Part 3 and Part 4  Bronze plan can be considered as Low interest plan while Silver and Gold as Medium interest plans…

Now let’s check the additional conditions that members must deal with while earning on this platform:

Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.02. There is no maximum limit.

The withdrawal limit currently is $50 / account / day. We are developing the KYC feature. We will then announce, this limit will be greatly relaxed.

..getting commissions is not conditional on having your own deposit. You can earn without any limits and make withdrawals.

We try to make the waiting time as short as possible. Payments are processed from 0 to 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Can I withdraw my Principal?

Yes, after investment period you can make the main capital payment. After everyday, the main interest is returned to your balance, free of charge, and you can withdraw it.

Can I have more than one account?

It is strictly forbidden to open further accounts in your structure in order to receive a referral commission from your own deposits. Such abuse may result in the deletion of all accounts you have opened. Opening multiple accounts is only allowed when it is not connected by a referral structure. If you have any doubts you can always ask our support.

I hope you haven’t forgot that in our First Thougths article we also mentioned some ABF token, here how it was:

ABF token is an interesting thing here, which you may notice once you register your account on Arbill . It seems to be an internal token developed especially for the platform’s members.. To give you more details about that we have already asked the admin to provide additional info about that and i guess in the next article/s you will be able to read it.

As i said, i asked the question about ABF token and admin of Arbill responded me with this kind of information:

Regarding the application of ABF, currently, this token is only used as a fee to withdraw money from the project. The withdrawal rate is $1 for 1 ABF. This means how much you want to withdraw, you must have the corresponding amount of ABF. But do not worry, because the amount of ABF we provide investors after each round is always enough for investors to withdraw capital. In this year, we plan to build the ABF as follows:
  • Build an internal trading market for people to exchange ABF. We will then contact external exchanges so that we can list the ABF coins to ensure liquidity.
  • We also consider ABF a share of Arbill, investors can freeze ABF to earn more profits in each corresponding round. Details of this plan will be published soon.
  • Link with online services so that the ABF can be used as payment currency.
  • Develop Arbill products and platforms using ABF as a payment method.
In the distant future, maybe next year, we will have more plans to apply ABF as well as other tokens.

The Arbill platform has several social media links:

The main page of Arbill platform has a News Widget with (currently) three news’ categories: Project, Cryptocurrency and Partners. By the way, at the moment of writing this review we have noticed that Arbill published a news post about EmilyNews. You can see it right on Arbill‘s home page. They did not inform us beforehand, but it’s still very nice to see that..

Hopefully Arbill will be active and will post a lot of news and other updates, which we could take into consideration and inform all of you – our Fast and Honest EN Community!

*P.S. Thanks for so many personal messages and feedbacks in our Facebook and Twitter accounts. That only helps us and make us stronger believe that we are on the right way to make the hyip industry a better place with strong and honest admins, positive and happy investors and to get rid of fast scamming programs which are not able to work even one full cycle. Thanks again and join us right now if, for some strange reason, you are still not a part of EN community. (TW, FB).


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