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This is the second part of our review of the CryptoFund investment plans.  To begin our discussion of them, we’ll repeat the basic information about the two plans as well as the information we determined about them in the first part of our review.  Here it is:

  • Plan #1
  • 1.1% for 30 days
  • $5 – $500
  • Principal back
  • Plan #2
  • 1.5% for 30 days
  • $500 – $1,500
  • Principal back
  • Plan     DNI                  Percent of earnings recovered before end of plan
  • #1        1.1%                33%
  • #2        1.5%                45%

The CryptoFund investment plans aren’t the best TYPE of investment plans.  However, they aren’t the worst type either.  Let me explain… 

The worst type of investment plan withholds all of your daily interest earnings until the end of the investment plan.  It also doesn’t return your principal until the end of the investment plan.  So, everything is at risk and, unfortunately, in the HYIP business many investors lose everything when a program with this type of plan closes prematurely.  The best type of investment plan will return your principal as part of your daily interest earnings.  In this type of plan, you recover your investment very quickly and will break even considerably before the end of the plan.  The CryptoFund investment plans are somewhere in the middle.  They do NOT return your principal until the end of a plan but they DO pay a daily interest return.  So, if the program does not close prematurely, the person must get his principal back. 

There are always the inherent risks associated with HYIP investment.  Most programs will eventually close unannounced.  So, investors must remember to invest ONLY what they can afford to invest in this kind of business.  The TYPE of program determines how serious the loss or the profit will be.

In the article in HYIP insights #12, we discussed the level of risk associated with HYIP investment plans.  Of course, it stands to reason that, the higher the net interest a plan profits, the riskier it will be.  The reason is obvious; it is easier for a program to sustain lower interest investment plans than higher interest ones.  In that article we suggested guidelines for level of risk as follows:

  • DNI                              Level of risk
  • DNI < 1%                      relatively low
  • DNI > 2%                      relatively high
  • 1% < DNI < 2%             unknown 

Plan #1 has a DNI of 1.1% and Plan #2 has a DNI of 1.5%.  These values are in the low to middle range of the borderline values for our suggestions of DNI.  This means that other factors, such as how much real income the program attracts or how sensible the administration of the program is, will be increasingly important to the survival of the program.  However, this range of DNIs suggests, at least, that the program isn’t doomed to an early death.  Of course, it is important to emphasize that these are our suggestions; they are not rules that are cast in concrete.  We would love to see programs offering investments plans having high values for DNI survive for a long time.

The flip side of the coin is profitability.  As I’ve already indicated, high profits always go along with high risk.  You might say that CryptoFund offers MEDIUM level risk/profit investment plans.  How profitable are they?  Just multiply the DNI of each plan by seven to get the averge weekly net profit that you will earn for each plan.  For Plan #1, this comes to 7.7% and for Plan #2 it comes to 10.5%.  I would be very happy with either of these profit levels.  However, this all depends on the personality of the investor.  While this might be plenty for conservative investors like me, it might be unsatisfactory for many investors from EN community, looking for high short-term profit.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the minimum investment requirements for the two CryptoFund investment plans are very reasonable.  Plan #1 is available to everyone and Plan #2 only requires an investment of $500.  Most serious online investors are probably willing to risk this much. Also noteworthy is that the maximum investment for Plan #2 is a rather modest $1,500.  Typically, the highest-level investment plan that a program offers has no upper investment limit.  The fact that CryptoFund’s highest level plan has a rather modest upper investment limit implies to me that the administration of the program might not be as “greedy” as administrations of many other programs.

Earnings Example.

Let’s assume the minimum investment of $500 in Plan #2.  Every day you will receive 1.5% of this or $7.70 (.015 x 500).  By the end of the 30-day investment period, you will have received a total of $225 (30 x 7.7) which you can see is 45% of your investment (225/500 x 100).  When the plan ends after 30 days, your $500 investment will be returned to you.  So, you can say that the $255 is your net profit for the investment plan.


CryptoFund offers two investment plans.  They pay sensible interest rates which implies that the program has the potential for long-term survival and that earnings are at a satisfactory level.  The only downside to the plans is that they do not return a person’s investment until a plan ends.  Thus, there is the risk involved, like it goes with all programs of hyip world. Therefore, as we all know, A LOT depends on the admin of the program..    


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