Over $700,000 Processed by the Program.

Appco just marked it three-week presence online with the publication of another weekly update highlighting progress the program has made in the last week or so.  Noteworthy is that they now have over 2,000 active accounts (that means people who have registered AND made a deposit) and that over $700,000 has been deposited into the program.  If you divide 700,000 by 2,000, you get an average deposit of around $350.  This is higher than I would have expected and, assuming the numbers are accurate, the implication is that Appco is attracting a number of large deposits. 

UPDATE (by the Appco admin):”Actually, total amount processed means both deposits and withdrawals.

Aside from the numbers, the update contains news about efforts Appco is making to translate its website into other languages.  It is even possible for readers to get involved with this effort.  Please read the update for details.

The update follows…

Appco Digest #03

Appco is 3 weeks+ old today and all thanks to our amazing community who understand our goal and keep supporting us to do more. We have been experiencing organic growth and here is an update since the last publication:

1. 24 Days Online.

2. More than 2000 Active Accounts.

3. Over $700,000 Processed.

4. Appco Multi-language feature under active development.

Recently we shared a feedback form to our amazing investors (you of course), and we got back great responses. We want to assure you that we have reviewed all feedback and you should be expecting the implementation of the best recurring ideas within the next few weeks/months!

As a community-backed project, we want to give the opportunity to partake in our next update which is the translation of our platform to different languages.

We would be adding Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and Persian Language support. We are currently working on the translated texts, but we also want to give our users the opportunity to review the native translated texts and give us feedback to ensure that the translations are top-notch!

If you are a native speaker of any of the above-mentioned languages and you wish to volunteer for this, kindly fill the form below and we would get in contact with you.

Click here to join our language review team

We are always working round the clock to bring innovative experience to Appco and these would be rolled out one after another.

Don’t enjoy Appco alone, share with your friends and family, and earn a 5% referral bonus on their first deposit. Let’s make Appco the best and safest choice for all investors.

We Lead. Others Follow.

Stay Safe. Happy earnings!

Appco Team


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