We’ll begin our discussion of the Bitstil investment plans by repeating the website information about them as well as what we found out about them in Part 1 of this review.

Here’s the website information:

  • Plan #1
  • 1.7% for 15 working days
  • $15 – $7,500
  • Principal back
  • Plan #2
  • 155% after 15 working days
  • $900 -$8,500
  • Principal back
  • Plan #3
  • 11% for 15 working days
  • $2,500 – $5,000
  • Principal included

And, here’s what we found out about the plans in Part 1 of the review:

  • Plan     DNI                  Days to break even
  • #1        1.21%              21 calendar days (end of plan)
  • #2        2.62%              21 calendar days (end of plan)
  • #3        3.10%              13 calendar days

Let’s try to simplify our discussion of this set of investment plans in a logical way.  First of all, since all of the plans are the same length, we don’t have to factor “length of plan” into our discussion.  This is unusual as, generally speaking, the investment plans that a program offers will be different lengths.  Next, we note that the three investment plans are different TYPES of plans.  It appears that the folks at Bitstil are making an attempt to appeal to the differing temperaments of potential investors.  In this regard, Plan #3 is the best type of plan because it returns your investment as part of your earnings and you thereby break even before the end of the plan.  On the other hand, Plan #2 is the worst type of plan as the investor doesn’t receive any return at all until the end of the plan.  Plan #1 is in the middle and pays a daily return but holds a person’s deposit until the end of the plan.

Another factor that the potential investor will always consider is the minimum deposit required for an investment plan.  In this regard, Plan #3, which is the best TYPE of investment plan, has a very high admission fee — $2,500.  Our opinion is that a person should not invest a large sum of money in ANY online investment program unless, of course, he is firmly convinced that it is as reliable as his neighborhood bank or a corporation selling stock shares.  With the highest DNI, Plan #3 is also the most lucrative of he three investment plans.  So, Bitstil holds out two “carrots” to the potential investor in hopes that they will risk $2,500 (or more) with an investment in Plan #3: it is the best TYPE of plan and it is the most lucrative. 

We must note that Plan #2 also has a rather hefty $900 minimum investment.  While Plan #3 is probably prohibitively expensive (and inadvisable) to get involved with, Plan #2 will be limited to the very serious online investor.  So, the bulk on activity with Bitstil will probably be with Plan #1. 

Exactly how profitable are the three Bitstil investment plans?  It all comes down to DNI, the average daily net interest that you earn from a plan.  Each of the plans is three weeks long.  If you multiply DNI by seven, you get the average weekly net profit that each plan will pay you.  Here are the results:

  • Plan                 Average weekly net profit
  • #1                    8.47%
  • #2                    18.34%
  • #3                    21.7%

In the article in HYIP Insights #23, we suggested the investor should aim at programs offering investment plans with weekly profits between 5% and 10%.  This might have been a low recommendation in-so-far-as the HYIP industry is concerned.  However, it is clear that Plans #2 and #3 are significantly higher than our suggestion.

The flip side of profitability is risk and, here again, we have suggested (in HYIP Insights #12) that programs offering investment plans with DNIs higher than around 2% might be at risk of early closure.  Plan #3 would be problematic from this point if view.  It might be fortunate for the longevity of the overall program that the high minimum investment requirement of this plan will probably minimize its popularity.  We already noted that, with a minimum investment requirement of $900, Plan #2 will probably also see minimum use.  This is also good for the longevity of the overall program.

Everything considered, the investor interested in Bitstil will probably chose between Plans #1 and #2.  This will be a tough choice.  Plan #2 is more profitable.  However, as we already indicated, you don’t receive any return at all from this plan until its conclusion; it is what we refer to as an “after” plan in the HYIP industry. 

Unfortunately, even though Plan #1 pays a daily interest, it isn’t much better as this interest only amounts to around 25% of your deposit before the plan ends, at which time your deposit is returned to you.  In this type of plan, assuming it runs to completion, your daily interest becomes your net profit once the plan ends. 

Earnings Example. 

Let’s work an example for Plan #1, as this will probably be the most popular investment plan in the Bitstil program.  We’ll assume an investment of $500.  Every business day, you will receive 1.7% of this, or $8.50 (.017 x 500).  By the time the investment plan ends in 15 working days (21 calendar days), you will have received a total of $127.50 (15 x 8.5).  At this time your $500 deposit will be returned to you and the $127.50 will therefore become your net profit.


Bitstil offers three different type investment plans.  All are 15 business days long, but have differing minimum investment requirements.  These minimums are rather high for two of the plans which will probably minimize their use.  Assuming this to be true, the program becomes a fairly sensible one offering moderate profits along with a better-than-average chance for long-term survivability.


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