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The DerMundo Investment Plans.

A few days ago, we published a “First Thoughts” article about DerMundo.  In it, we introduced the company’s three investment plans.  Here’s what we said about the plans in that article…

The three investment plans offered by DerMundo are easy to understand.  All of them pay a daily return on business days and return your investment at the end of the plan.  These returns range from 1.25% all the way up to 5%.  The lengths of the investment plans run from 20 business days up to 40 business days, with the lowest return corresponding to the shortest-term plan and vice versa.  Minimum investments seem to be sensible, with the lowest return plan having a minimum of only $25 and the highest return plan having a minimum of $1,000.

Here’s the complete information on the three plans in summary form as it is given on the website:

  • Beginner Plan
  • 1.25% daily for 20 business days
  • $25 – $1,000
  • Advanced Plan
  • 2.5% daily for 30 business days
  • $250 – $5,000
  • Expert Plan
  • 5% daily for 40 business days
  • $1,000 – $10,000

Analysis of the DerMundo Investment Plans.

Let’s first convert the business day lengths of each of the plans to their approximate length in calendar days.  Since there are roughly 22 business days in a 30 calendar day month, you can make the conversion by multiplying the number of business days by a conversion factor of 30/22.  If you do that for each of the plans, you get the following

  • Plan                             Length of plan in calendar days
  • Beginner                     28 days
  • Advanced                    41 days
  • Expert                          55 days

This is a useful conversion to make for a number of reasons as we will see later on in our review.  Perhaps the best reason might be that we think more clearly in terms of calendar days.

In the 20 business day lifetime of the Beginner Plan, you will receive a total return of 25% (1.25 x 20) of your deposit.  So, you definitely will not break even before the plan ends and your deposit is returned to you.  For the Advanced Plan, you will receive a total return of 75% (2.5 x 30) of your deposit before the plan ends.  So, again, you will not break even until the plan ends.  For the Expert plan, you will receive a total of 200% (5 x 40) of your investment from your daily returns before the plan ends.  So, you most definitely will break even before the plan ends. After how many days will you break even?  Divide 100% by the daily return of 5% to get 20 business days (which you probably expected) which is exactly halfway though the plan.

In all the DerMundo investment plans, you receive your deposit back when they end.  So, making the assumption that the program doesn’t close before the program you invest with ends, you can say that the daily interest you receive is your net profit.  However, you only receive this net profit (or net interest) on business days.  Let’s average this profit out over the number of calendar days in each investment plan to get what we refer to as the average daily net interest (DNI) for the plan.  We MUST do this if we are to be able to compare the profitability (and risk) of the DerMundo investment plans with the plans offered by other programs that pay interest on calendar days.  If you want to get meaningful results, you must compare “apples to apples” not “apples to oranges.”

With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at the Beginner Plan.  We already found out that the total net return for the plan will be 25% and that the calendar day length of the plan is 28 days.  Dividing 25% by 28, you get a DNI for this plan of around 0.89%.  If you do this same arithmetic for the other two plans, you get the following results:

  • Plan                             DNI
  • Beginner                     0.89%
  • Advanced                    1.83%
  • Expert                          3.64%

These are interesting results.  Please stand by as we will discuss them in Part 2 of this review which should be ready in a day or two. 


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