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Let’s begin our discussion of the Cameo investment plans by repeating the basic information about them as well as what we found out when we analyzed the plans in Part 1 of this review:

  • Prep Plan
  • 11% daily for 12 working days
  • $10 minimum
  • Principal included
  • Basic Plan
  • 116% after 3 days
  • $250 minimum
  • High Plan
  • 125% after 5 days
  • $2,000 minimum
  • Top Plan
  • 130% after 5 days
  • $5,000 minimum
  • Elites Plan
  • 135% after 5 days
  • $7,500 minimum

In our analysis we determined that the Prep Plan is 17 calendar days long and breaks even in around 14 calendar days.  The DNI for this plan is 1.89%.

The other four investment plans don’t provide any payment until their conclusion.  So, that, of course, is when they will break even.  Here are the DNIs for these plans:

  • Plan                       DNI
  • Basic                      5.33%
  • High                       5%
  • Top                        6%
  • Elites                     7%

Let’s first discuss the minimum investment requirements for the investment plans.  We always advise NOT investing large sums of money in ANY online investment program unless you are firmly convinced that it is just as viable as a corporation selling shares of its stock on a public stock exchange.  Sadly, few, if any, HYIPs are in this category.  With this idea in mind, we would advise the investor to avoid the Top and Elites Plans as their minimum investments are $5,000 or higher.  We will not consider these two plans further in our review for this reason.  Even the High Plan with a minimum investment of $2,000 is questionable.  However, there is another reason that you might want to avoid this plan that we’ll discuss later.

On the other hand, the Prep Plan, with a minimum investment of only $10 will be affordable by everyone and the Basic Plan with a minimum of $250 will be affordable by anyone who is at least halfway serious about online investing. 

Next, let’s take a look at the TYPES of investment plans that Cameo offers.  The Prep Plan is the best type of investment plan among those that are typically included in the HYIP lineup.  It provides a daily return that includes both your interest and a portion of your investment.  So, you can break even before the end of the investment plan.  In this specific case, you break even in roughly 14 days while the entire plan length is 17 days.  This implies that, after seven days, you will have received half of your investment back.  So, there is minimal risk with this type of investment plan — at least compared to other types.

The worst type of investment plan is the one that doesn’t provide any return at all until the plan ends.  Unfortunately, the other four Cameo plans are this type of plan.  However, they are all very short-term plans — three or five days.  So, the risk associated with waiting for the plan to end is minimal.  This type of plan is especially risky for very long-term plans. 

The most important thing to be discussed is profitability and risk.  Indeed, this is probably the most important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in an online HYIP.  This is where the DNIs of the investment plans are of vital importance.  In the article in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher that around 2% might have trouble surviving in the long term.  Well, all of the four “after” plans offered by Cameo have DNIs of 5% or higher, which is way above our suggestion.  A saving factor is that the High, Top, and Ellites Plans all have very high minimum investment requirements which will limit their popularity and thereby help to minimize the obligation of the program to make high interest payments that could close the program down.  However, there is really nothing limiting the popularity of the Basic Plan that has a DNI of 5.33%

Of course, these very risky investment plans are very lucrative.  A DNI of 5% translates to a weekly net profit of 35% which, of course, is amazing.  Even the Prep Plan with a DNI of 1.89% will give you a weekly net profit of over 13%.  This should be enough to keep all but the greediest investor happy.

A final point on profitability relates to the fact that the DNI for the Basic Plan is HIGHER than the DNI for the High Plan.  This is in spite of the fact that the High Plan has a total profit of 25% and the Basic Plan only has a total profit of only 16%.  This is an example of misleading advertising.  In evaluating profitability, you not only have to consider the amount of profit, you must also consider HOW LONG it takes you to earn this profit.  DNI does this for you.   So, this is the reason that the investor should forget about the High Plan.  If you want to maximize your earnings from Cameo, use the Basic Plan.  It is only three days long which makes it a little less risky too.  However, if you like, you can always reinvest in the plan to create a custom investment plan for yourself that is as long as you like.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $500 in both the prep and Basic Plans and compare the results that we will get. 

For the Prep Plan, you will receive an interest payment of 11% or $55 (.11 x 500) every working day.  After 10 working days (around 14 calendar days), you will have received a total of $550 (10 x 55) and you will have broken even.  Finally, after 12 working days (around 17 calendar days), you will have received a total of $660 (55 x 12), for a net profit of $160.

For the Basic Plan, you will receive a one-shot payment of 116% of your investment after three days.  This will come to $580 (1.16 x 500), for a net profit of $80.

Imagine that you invest in the Basic Plan six times — a total of 18 days, which is roughly equivalent to the 17 calendar day length of the Prep Plan.  Your total net profit would be $480 (6 x 80).  This compares to the net profit of $160 for the Prep Plan for roughly the same time period.  So, it is clear how much more lucrative the Prep Plan is.


For the various reasons we have discussed, the Cameo program probably boils down to two investment plans, the Prep Plan and the Basic Plan.  Both have low minimum investment requirements.  The Prep Plan pays a substantial daily return and breaks even in 14 calendar days.  The Basic Plan is only three days long and pays a very high return at its conclusion.  Because of the high returns that this program promises, we must conclude that it will be riskier than many other HYIPs.  However, in spite of this, due to the fact that the Basic Plan is very short term, I suspect that the program will still appeal to a large number of investors.


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