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This is an important article for every investor containing important suggestions and lessons learned recently.  Right here, I want to start with a question: What is EN for you? is it your financial advisor?  If so, you might be VERY wrong and let’s make it clear once again below:

Just recently, we had a situation with the “Azmorels” project. Here is the update title when it was moved to “Paying” status:


In fact, this project had nothing to do with the previous “Doubler” project which made several cycles and gave opportunity to earlier investors to earn their profits. This one (Azmorels) didn’t complete EVEN ONE CYCLE and scammed. Well, I hope that was a lesson (when better to join such projects) learned by many of us.

And here we return to the stated above question (What is EN for you?). The main aim of EN was, is, and will always be to PROVIDE TRUE (unpaid, independent) information and our personal view on a daily basis about every project we check and every case we deal with.. The information is not a financial advice and therefore, after you get it on EN, you must work with it for your own good…  You should pause, analyze what we say, read the update ONCE AGAIN CAREFULLY and then make your decisions as to where and when to invest your money.

Some, so called experinced investors (meaning they DO advise others where to invest, but how is it possible when they are so careless and irresponsible about information they got from EN, this I really do not know..) entered Azmorels seing the news item of paying status right away. They did not pay any attention to this “(ref. com.)” part of update. They didn’t want to use their brain, didn’t go the smart way, reading carefully, analyzing and really working with information before investing and thus their result was bad. We all know, when you ignore the information (or even a part of it), you get a 50/50 chance of winning or losing (depending on how lucky you are), BUT when you DO WORK with information, different news and use your brain to think a bit more than 1 minute before you join anywhere, you actually increase your winning chance and chance of getting the profit in right projects of this World Wide Casino – the Hyip World..

To conclude in short – REMEMBER the simple RULE – even getting information from honest and trustful sources, you have to consider it as INFORMATION and not the advice. You must think seriously about it before taking any investment steps. Read carefully and pay attention to details (“the devil is often in details”). Listen to your own brain and not to the brain of any financial advisor or those who hint you in private as to where to invest… That is Very, Very important!

P.S.: For already one year we have received threats that EN chat in a telegram will be “awarded” a scam label (in fact, it is rather simple thing to do with anyone / anything in TG). We understand the preoccupation of administrators launching Fast Scams (those we add on Scam Detector and alerting on EN telegram chat) and unable to produce at least decent or good projects, but we prefer honesty and decency even in the HYIP Industry. Your efforts and this “scam label” on chat are appreciated 🙂 . 



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