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Let’s begin our discussion of the Droppito investment plans by repeating their basic information as well as what we found out when we analyzed the plans in Part 1 of this review.

5% daily for 35 days
$10 – $200
Break Even = 20 days
DNI = 2.14%

6% daily for 35 days
$201 – $1,000
Break Even = 17 days
DNI = 3.14%

7% daily for 35 days
$1,001 and more
Break Even = 15 days
DNI = 4.14%

The first thing to notice about the Droppito investment plans is that they are the best TYPE of investment plan.  They pay interest daily and this interest also includes reimbursement of your investment.  So, you are recovering your investment from “day 1” and you break even before the end of the investment plan.  This type of investment plan is much less risky than plans that do not pay earnings and/or return your investment until after the plan ends.  We refer to those types of investment plans as “after” plans.

In the case of the Starter plan, you break even in 20 days.  Since the plan length is 35 days, this means that, for the remaining 15 days of the plan, you are earning “pure profit.”  For the other two plans, you break even more quickly.  In the Advanced plan, you break even in only 15 days which leaves 20 days when you are earning “pure profit.”  Again, the nice thing about this TYPE of investment plan is that you are recovering your investment on a daily basis.  Again referring to the Starter plan, since you will break even in 20 days, it should be clear that after 10 days, you will have recovered half of your investment.  It is easy to see that this might be the least risky TYPE of investment plan.

Another thing we should note about the three Droppito investment plans is that they are all affordable.  Even the Advanced plan with a minimum investment of $1,000 will probably be affordable by the serious online investor.  Personally, I think that this cutoff point for their highest interest program is perfect.  It is high enough to limit the plan to serious investors — but still low enough that it makes sense.  Many HYIPs offer investment plans with truly obscene minimum investments of $10,000 or more.  Thankfully, there is none of that here.

DNI is average daily profit.  I think better on a weekly basis. So, let’s multiply the values of DNI for the three Droppito investment plans by seven (the number of days in a week) to get the average weekly profit that we can expect from each plan.  If you do this little multiplication, you will get

Plan                 Average Weekly Profit

Starter             15%
Medium          22%
Advanced        29%

In HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that the investor might want to aim at programs offering investment plans having weekly net profits of between 5% and 10%.  Of course, this is only our suggestion and it is probably on the safe side — meaning low.  However, if you look at the weekly profits that the Droppito investment plans pay, you will see that they are considerably higher than this suggestion.  So, they are lucrative plans.  However, with higher earning also comes higher risk.  So, we would probably also have to classify the Droppito investment plans as relatively risky.

Earnings Example.

The Droppito investment plans are very easy to understand.  Let’s just do one example to show how they work.  All of the plans work exactly the same way; only the interest rate that is paid changes.

Let’s assume an investment of $100 in the Starter plan.  You will earn 5% interest per day or $5.  It is easy to see that, after 20 days, you will have earned $100 and will have broken even.  Everything that you earn after this is “pure profit.”  By the time the investment plan ends in 35 days, you will have received a total return of $175 (35 x 5) for a net profit of $75.  Not a bad profit on $100 after only a month or so.


Droppito offers three easy-to-understand investment plans.  They are all very lucrative which might make the program slightly risky to get involved with.  However, the adventuresome investor will probably like this program.


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