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The Droppito Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Droppito, we summarized their investment plans in the following way:

For the online investor, Droppito offers three very easy-to-understand investment plans.  They are all 35 days long and return your investment as part of your earnings.  The plans pay daily interest that can vary from 5% to 7% depending on the investment plan that you choose.  A quick calculation tells me that the plans are very lucrative.  We will discuss the Droppito investment plans in detail when we review the program.  Please stand by.  The review should be available in a day or two.

Here’s the complete information on each of the investment plans as given in the website:

5% daily for 35 days
$10 – $200

6% daily for 35 days
$201 – $1,000

7% daily for 35 days
$1,001 and more

Analysis of the Droppito Investment Plans.

Let’s first determine when each of the plans breaks even.  This is very easy to do.  We just divide 100% by the daily gross interest to get the number of days it takes for this return to equal your investment.  For example, for the Starter plan, if you divide 100% by 5%, you get that the plan breaks even in 20 days.  Doing this same division for the other two plans, you get:

Plan                 Days to Break Even

Starter             20 days
Medium          17 days
Advanced        15 days

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that you can earn from each of these investment plans.  DNI is simply the total NET profit that you earn from an investment plan averaged out over the length of the plan.  For example, if one investment plan pays you an average daily net interest of 3% per day and another plan pays you an average of only 1%, it is obvious that the first plan is three times more profitable than the second.  So, DNI is a great way (the BEST way!) to compare the profitability (and risk) of investment plans.

With this as an introduction, let’s begin by determining the DNI for the Starter plan.  First, we’ll multiply the daily gross interest of 5% by the 35-day length of the plan to get a total GROSS interest of 175% (which is given in the website).  Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% from it to get the total NET interest, which will be 75%.  Finally, averaging this out over the length of the investment plan by dividing by 35 days, we get a DNI of 2.14%.  If you do this same arithmetic for the other two investment plans, you will get the following results:

Plan                 DNI

Starter             2.14%
Medium          3.14%
Advanced        4.14%

In Part 2 of this review we’ll discuss the results of this little analysis of the Droppito investment plans.  We’ll take a look at their pros and cons and, hopefully, arrive at conclusions that will be useful to the online investor.  Please stand by.  Part 2 will be available in a few days…


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