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The Lendera Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article, we introduced the Lendera investment plans in the following way:

For its investors, Lendera offers eight different investment plans.  All the plans pay interest on a daily basis and return your investment as part of your earnings.  This, of course, is the BEST type of investment plan as the portion of your funds that are at risk rapidly decreases plus you will often “break even” considerably before the investment plan ends.  Each of the eight investment plans is dedicated to a specific crypto currency.  There is a plan for Bitcoin, another plan for Litecoin, etc.    There is a slight difference in both the term of each plan as well as the daily interest that each of them pays.  However, all are in the same ball park with daily returns between 2% and 3% and terms of between 50 and 70 days.  Some quick estimates tell me that the average daily net profits to be made from these plans are in the “sweet spot” of around 1% per day.   Generally speaking, this is a good compromise between profitability and risk.

There are still a few details of the investment plans that I am not certain about.  First, I believe that the daily return changes on a day by day basis.  This is not an unusual feature for an investment plan, although it does make predicting future earnings difficult.  Second, it might be true that the length of each plan is also variable.  For example, it’s possible that on day 1, a person making an investment with BTC might be signing up for an investment plan that is 55 days long, whereas on day 2 a second person making an investment in BTC might be signing up for an investment plan that is 60 days long.  I will have definite answers to these questions by the time we review the program.  That should be two or, at most, three days from now.

Lendera has another option in its investment plans called “reinvest.”  By using this option, all of a person’s earnings are automatically reinvested in the investment plan.  This is a form of compounding.  At the conclusion of the plan, the investor receives BOTH his investment and his profit.  The result is a completely different investment plan from the basic plan without compounding.  It will be an extremely profitable one but also a much riskier one.  We’ll also discuss this in depth when we review the program.

As you can see from the “First Thoughts” article, while the overall “big picture” of how the Lendera investment plans work is pretty clear, there a number of details that we have to come to grips with and understand.  Thankfully, as a result of carefully observing how our own (EmilyNews) investment is being handled, I believe that I now understand how things work.  We will get into that in the next section when we analyze the Lendera investment plans.  However, first let’s take a look at the information on the eight plans as it is presented in the website.

On April 25, the data given for the investment plans looked like this:

Crypto             Daily Return                Plan Length

BTC                  2.3%                            69 days
ETH                  2.22%                          75 days
LTC                  2.8%                            57 days
DASH               2.7%                            60 days
XRP                  2.05%                          81 days
DOGE              2.2%                            72 days
BCH                 2.55%                          66 days
ZEC                  2.6%                            60 days

Today, on April 26, the data look like this:

Crypto             Daily Return                Plan Length

BTC                  2.3%                            72 days
ETH                  2.35%                          69 days
LTC                  2.7%                            60 days
DASH               2.05%                          81 days
XRP                  2.2%                            72 days
DOGE              2.5%                            60 days
BCH                 2.43%                          72 days
ZEC                  2.2%                            84 days

Furthermore, when we (EmilyNews) made our deposit on April 24, it looks like the length of the plan for BTC was advertised as 66 days long with a daily interest rate of 2.6%.

If you compare the two days of data (three days for BTC), there are some significant differences in the information that is given for each of the eight Lendera Investment plans.  For example, the LENGTH of the XRP plan decreases from 81 days to 72 days while the EARNINGS from DASH decreases from 2.7% to 2.05%.  These are both significant changes.  How should the investor handle this uncertainty?

Analysis of the Lendera Investment Plans.

Perhaps the more important thing is how Lendera handles this!  We have been receiving interest from Lendera for two days.  On both days, the interest has been the same — 2.6% — which I believe was the advertised interest for BTC on April 24.  Furthermore, the information in our account indicates the number of days remaining in our investment contract.  This is counting down from the 66 days that I believe was advertised for BTC when we made our investment.  Assuming I have this right, it is good news!  It boils down to this: THE TERM AND RATE FOR EACH CRYPTO THAT ARE GIVEN IN THE LENDERA WEBSITE EVERY DAY ARE THE BASIS FOR INVESTMENTS MADE ON THAT DAY.  They are the basis for a CONTRACT.  Over the course of the investment term, the rate that you will receive will NOT change and, heaven forbid, the length of the investment term will also NOT change.

With this out of the way, let’s take a closer look at these data.  Focusing on the April 25 data for BTC, and dividing 100% by the daily rate of 2.3%, we find that the BTC investment plan would break even in 44 days.  Next, multiplying the daily rate of 2.3% by the 69-day length of the plan, we get that you will receive a total gross interest of 158.7% for the plan.  Subtracting 100% from this amount because it includes your investment, you come up with a total net interest of 59.7%.  Finally, dividing this by the 69-day length of the plan, you see that the AVERAGE daily net interest (DNI) that you receive from this plan is around 0.85%.

Repeating this arithmetic for the other seven investment plans, you get the following results:

Breakeven Points and DNIs for Contracts Made on April 25

Crypto             Days to Break Even     DNI

BTC                  44                                0.85%
ETH                  46                                0.89%
LTC                  36                                1.04%
DASH               38                                1.03%
XRP                  49                                0.82%
DOGE              46                                0.81%
BCH                 40                                1.03%
ZEC                  39                                0.93%

Now, at the risk of burying you in numbers, here is what you would get if you did the same arithmetic for the data from April 26:

Breakeven Points and DNIs for Contracts Made on April 26

Crypto             Days to Break Even     DNI

BTC                  44                                0.91%
ETH                  43                                0.90%
LTC                  38                                1.03%
DASH               49                                0.86%
XRP                  46                                0.81%
DOGE              40                                0.83%
BCH                 42                                1.04%
ZEC                  46                                1.01%

By the way, for those of you who like formulas and want a quick and dirty way to determine DNI for this type of investment plan, in HYIP Insights #19, we came up with a formula to do exactly this.  Here it is:

DNI = (DGI x CD – 100)/CD

Where: DGI = daily gross interest and CD = the number of calendar days

There are formulas for DNI for other types of investment plans in this article too.

OK, getting back on the subject, we have a pile of numbers to deal with.  What we’ll attempt to do in Part 2 of this review is to simplify all this in an effort to come up with a simple method that you can use in order to make intelligent investment decisions concerning how to use the Lendera investment plans.  Please stand by.  Part two will be ready in a day or two.


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