In Part 1 of this review, we determined the breakeven points and daily net interest interests for each of the six EmpowerForex investment plans.  For our reference as we take a closer look at these plans, I’m going to repeat this information below — along with the basic information on the six plans.

Here are the details on the first three investment plans that return your investment at the conclusion of a plan:

Plan #1
2.1% per day for 15 days
$10 – $1,000

Plan #2
2.3% per day for 30 days
$1,001 – $10,000

Plan #3
2.9% per day for 55 days
$10,001 – $100,000

And here are the details for the three investment plans that return both your earnings and investment at the end of a plan:

Plan #4
150% after 15 days
$100 – $1,000

Plan #5
1,000% after 60 days
$5,000 – $10,000

Plan #6
5,000% after 90 days
$200 – $10,000

Here are our results for breakeven points and DNI.

Plan       Break Even          DNI

1              15 days                 2.1%
2              30 days                 2.3%
3              35 days                 2.9%
4              15 days                 3.33%
5              60 days                 15%
6             90 days                 54.4%

We typically begin the “Discussion” section of our reviews by taking a look at the minimum investments required for a program’s different investment plans.  Specifically, we caution about investing large sums of money in ANY investment plan unless you can confirm that the program offering the plan is as reliable as a bank where you might want to deposit a similar amount of money into a savings account.  Very few HYIP have reputations comparable to a bank, although this is certainly not an impossibility.  In the case of EmpowerForex, Plan #3 with a minimum investment of $10,000 and Plan #5 with a minimum investment of $5,000 would be the type of investment plans that should be treated cautiously from this point of view.

Next, let’s take a look at the DNI for each of these investment plans.  We already pointed out that some of them are amazingly high.  This has to be discussed.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that the long-term survivability of programs offering investment plans with DNIs higher than 2% might be at risk.  Of course, we don’t know all the factors that an HYIP uses when determining the interest rates for the investment plans that it offers.  Our suggestion is simply based on observations of the relationship of interest rates offered by other HYIPs to how long they survived.

All this said, Plans #5 and #6 with extremely high DNIs immediately stand out.  It would appear to be impossible for a company to meet such payment obligations.  In the case of Plan #6, with a DNI of over 50%, it is important to realize that this is the average daily profit that the company promises to pay you if you invest in this plan.  This comes to an unbelievably high average weekly profit of over 350%.  I believe that the only thing that can protect EmpowerForex from this payment obligation is the fact that this is a very long-term investment plan (90 days) and that the investor won’t see any return from it until the plan ends.  So, the plan might have few, if any investors.

We already noted that, because of the high minimum investment requirements, Plans #3 and #5 will probably also have few investors.  In fact, as I indicated earlier, we advise against investing large sums of money in ANY online investment program.

This would appear to leave Plans #1, #2, and #4 as the meat of the EmpowerForex investment plan offerings.  By itself, this would appear to be a fairly sensible investment plan package.  All the DNIs in this group of plans are a tad high compared to our 2% recommendation.  Plan #4 with a DNI of over 3% would be the highest.  However, since a person must commit his investment for 15 days before he sees a return, the plan might not be that popular.

It is worth noting that Plans#1 and #2, although they pay a daily interest, return only a portion of a person’s investment before the plans end.  For example, in Plan #1, if you receive 2.1% per day, that comes to a return of only 31.5% of your investment before the plan ends in 15 days.  In Plan #2 you would receive a return of 69% of your investment before the plan ends in 30 days (which isn’t that bad).

Earnings Examples.

With their low minimum investments, Plans #1 and #4 are apt to be the most popular alternatives.  They both happen to be 15 days long.  Let’s assume a $200 investment in each of them to see what happens…

For Plan #1, you will receive 2.1% of this daily, or $4.20 (.021 x 200).  By the end of the investment plan you will have received a total of 15 times this or $63.00.  Since your investment is returned to you, this is your total profit for the investment plan.

For Plan #4, you receive a one-shot payment of 150% of your investment when the plan ends.  For the $200 investment, this return would come to $300.  Since this includes your investment, your total profit from the plan will be $100.00. So, as you probably already suspected, this is the more profitable plan of the two of them.  It is also the more risky of the two plans because you don’t receive any earnings until the plan ends.

Of course, you could have gotten these same results by multiplying the DNIs for each of the two plans by $200 and then by 15.

For the heck of it, let’s see what would happen to our $200 if we invested it in Plan #6!  In this case, after 90 days, you would receive a one-shot payment of 5,000% of this or $10,000 (200 x 5,000/100)!  An amazing return!   Of course, you had to wait three months to get it whereas for Plans #1 and #4 you only had to wait 15 days for a return.  Is this possible?!


EmpowerForex offers six investment plans.  Three of them pay a daily interest and return your investment when they end.  The other three pay both earnings and return your investment when they end.  Two of the investment plans have very high minimum investments which will limit their popularity.  One of these two plus a third plan offer extremely high returns, so high, in fact, that it would appear to be impossible for the company to pay them.  However, in all due respect to the Administrators of the EmpowerForex investment program, they may have a trick up their sleeve that could possibly make these extremely high interest plans work.  The remaining three of the investment plans are typical of the average HYIP with their promised interest rates being a little on the high side making them lucrative investment possibilities.  Everything considered, the EmpowerForex investment program seems like it is designed for the investor who would like to take a chance in hopes of making extraordinary profits.  It is definitely a program for the adventuresome investor.


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