The EmpowerForex Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about EmpowerForex, we very briefly introduced the company’s six online investment plans as follows:

For the online investor, EmpowerForex offers six investment plans.   Three of them pay interest on a daily basis and return your investment at the conclusion of the plan.  The remaining three pay a set amount at the conclusion of the plan that includes your investment as part of the return.  All of the plans are lucrative; some of the plans that pay earnings plus interest at their conclusion are extremely lucrative.  We will put numbers on all this when we review the program a few days from now.  Please stand by…

Here are the details on the first three investment plans that return your investment at the conclusion of a plan:

Plan #1
2.1% per day for 15 days
$10 – $1,000

Plan #2
2.3% per day for 30 days
$1,001 – $10,000

Plan #3
2.9% per day for 55 days
$10,001 – $100,000

And here are the details for the three investment plans that return both your earnings and investment at the end of a plan:

Plan #4
150% after 15 days
$100 – $1,000

Plan #5
1,000% after 60 days
$5,000 – $10,000

Plan #6
5,000% after 90 days
$200 – $10,000

Analysis of the EmpowerForex Investment Plans.

Let’s first determine when each of the EmpowerForex Investment Plans breaks even.  In the case of the first three plans, you divide 100% by the daily gross percent interest you receive and see if the number of days you calculate is less that the number of days in the plan.  If it’s less, that’s when you will break even.  If it’s more, you will break even when the plan ends and your investment is returned to you.

For Plan #1, dividing 100% by the daily return of 2.1%, you come up with around 48 days, a lot longer than the 15-day length of the plan.  So, in this case you break even when the plan ends — after 15 days.  For Plan #2, dividing 100% by 2.3%, you get around 44 days, which again is longer then the 30-day length of the plan.  So, once again, you break even when the plan ends in 30 days and your investment is returned to you.  Finally, for the 2.9% plan, dividing 100% by 2.9%, we come up with around 35 days which IS shorter than the 55-day length of the plan.  So, in the case of Plan #3, you break even in 35 days — before the end of the plan.  After that, all your earnings until the plan ends in 55 days are “pure profit.”  On top of that, you will also have your investment returned to you when the plan ends.

For the second three investment plans, since you don’t receive a penny until a plan ends, that’s when these plans break even.

So, in summary, only Plan #3 breaks even before the plan ends.  The other five plans break even at their conclusion when your investment and/or earnings are returned to you.

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest, or DNI, that each of the investment plan pays.  For the first three plans, since your investment is returned to you at the end of a plan, your daily earnings are your profit, or net interest (assuming that the overall program doesn’t close before the conclusion of the investment plan).  So, for example, for Plan #1 the DNI will simply be the 2.1% daily interest.  Similarly, for Plans #2 and #3, the DNIs will be 2.3% and 2.9% respectively.

For the second three investment plans, things work a little bit differently.  For example, for Plan #4, since the 150% total gross interest includes your investment, you must subtract 100% from it to get your total net interest.  In this case it is 50%.  Finally, if you divide this by the 15-day length of the plan (average it out over the length of the plan), you will get an average daily net interest, or DNI, of 3.33%.  For Plan #5, subtracting 100% from the total gross interest of 1,000%, you get a total net interest of 900%.  Dividing this by the 60-day length of the plan, you get an amazing DNI of 15%.  Doing the same arithmetic for Plan #6, you get an even more amazing DNI of 54.4%.  In summary, here are our results for breakeven points and DNIs for the six EmpowerForex investment plans.

Plan       Break Even          DNI

1              15 days                 2.1%
2              30 days                 2.3%
3              35 days                 2.9%
4              15 days                 3.33%
5              60 days                 15%
6              90 days                 54.4%

Again, all of the investment plans do NOT break even until they end except for Plan #3 that breaks even in 35 days — for a 55 day long plan.

As you can see, there are some unusual things about the EmpowerForex investment plans.  We’ll discuss what we’ve found out above in Part 2 of this review in which we will attempt to determine the pros and cons of this investment program.  Please stand by…


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