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The Mainrobots Investment Plans. 

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Mainrobots, we summarized their investment plan offerings in the following way:

Equally unusual, but from another point of view, are the four investment plans offered by Mainrobots.  First of all, they are “perpetual” plans meaning that you earn interest on your deposit forever — like a bank account.  Next, they all pay rather high interest rates — even for the HYIP industry.  The lowest interest plan pays a hefty 6% while the other three plans pay 7%, 8%, and 9%.  However, the minimum investments for the three higher interest plans are rather high — all $5,000 or more — which will probably limit the number of online investors that will take advantage of them.  Finally, and to sweeten the pot, Mainrobots offers even higher interest rates on deposits that a person makes from their account balance.  In this case the rates climb to 8%, 9%, 10%, and 11%.  So, even with the lowest interest plan, which surely is the most popular, a person earns 6% per day and then, if he is adventuresome, he can reinvest his earnings and earn an astounding 8% per day.

Here is the complete information on the Mainrobots investment plans as it appears in the website:

6% daily
$25 – $4,999

7% daily
$5,000 – $9,999

8% daily
$10,000 – $49,999

9% daily
$50,000 – $250,000

As noted in the First Thoughts article, these percentages are upped to 8%, 9%, 10% and 11% for deposits made from an investor’s account balance.

I am assuming that it is NOT possible for an investor to withdraw his deposit.  This is usually (but not always) the case with “perpetual” investment plans such as this.

Analysis of the Mainrobots Investment Plans.

We also mentioned in the First Thoughts article that the relatively high minimum investments required for the three higher interest plans might put them out of reach of the typical online investor.  In fact, we do not recommend investing large sums of money in ANY online investment program unless, of course, it can demonstrate that it has a track record on a par with your local bank or a corporation in which you would like to buy stock shares.  With this thought in mind (and to minimize arithmetic!), I’m going to restrict our analysis of the Mainrobots investment plans to the 6% plan (and to its 8% version for deposits from a person’s account balance).  If you are intensely interested in one of the higher interest plans, it should be easy for you to mimic the calculations that we will do here for the 6% plan.

All this said, let’s begin by determining how long it will take an investment in this plan to break even.  To find this out, you divide 100% by the percent return that you receive on a daily basis.  For the 6% plan, dividing 100% by 6%, you find out that the plan breaks even in around 17 days.  For investments from your account balance that will earn 8% daily, you will break even in around 13 days.  So, in the first case, you will break even in around two and one half weeks and, in the second, in less than two.  Pretty fast!

OK, the really important issue with online investment is profitability and risk.  In our “First Thoughts” article, we suggested that the Mainrobots investment program is a very profitable one.  Let’s determine exactly how profitable it is and compare it with other online investment programs.  We do this by determining the average daily net interest (DNI) that you can earn from an investment plan.  Of course, this is the same as profit.  Before you break even, you aren’t making any profit at all; you are just trying to recover your investment.  After you break even, all of your earnings are “pure profit.”  DNI averages out this pure profit over the entire length of the investment plan — including the time before you broke even.

The problem with trying to determine DNI for a “perpetual” investment plan is that we don’t know the length of the plan.  So, the best we can do is to assume different lifetimes for the overall program and work with that.  Of course, we all hope that Mainrobots will last forever.  Unfortunately, experience tells us that this will probably not be the case.  So, let’s determine DNI for assumed lifetimes for the program of of 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 days.  And, for the reasons we stated above, we’ll only do our calculations for the 6% plan (and its 8% version for reinvestment of earnings).  All this will give us a very good idea as to how this investment plan will perform as an online investment platform — and also what the level of risk associated with it might be.

A 6% daily gross interest for 30 days gives a total gross interest of 180%.  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your deposit, we get a total net interest of 80%.  Finally, dividing this by the 30-day assumed length of the plan, we get an average daily net interest or DNI of 2.67%.  If you repeat this arithmetic for the other assumed lengths of the investment plan, you get the following results for DNI:

Length of Plan                   DNI

30 days                                 2.67%
60 days                                 4.33%
90 days                                 4.89%
120 days                              5.17%
150 days                              5.33%
180 days                              5.44%

You can see that, the longer the program survives, the closer that DNI will come to the 6% gross daily interest paid by the plan.

Let’s do the same thing for the 8% version of this plan that applies to reinvestments of earnings in your account balance.  Here are the results:

Length of Plan                   DNI

30 days                                 4.67%
60 days                                 6.33%
90 days                                 6.89%
120 days                              7.17%
150 days                              7.33%
180 days                              7.44%

Here, again, you can see that DNI approaches the daily gross interest of 8%.


Well, it should be obvious that this is an VERY profitable investment plan.  Multiplying some typical DNIs by seven to get average weekly profit, you come up with results like this:

DNI                        Weekly Profit

2%                          14%
3%                          21%
4%                          28%
5%                          35%
6%                          42%
7%                          49%
8%                          56%

In the article in HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that the investor might want to aim at HYIPs that provide average weekly profits of between 5% and 15%.  The reasons were that we thought this amount of profit might be satisfactory and, perhaps more important, we thought that profits in this range might be sustainable.  Obviously, Mainrobots is providing returns that are a LOT greater than this suggestion.  This does not necessarily mean that the program will die in a day or two.  It may, indeed, be possible for it to sustain returns at the levels we have calculated.  However, it does mean that the investor should, perhaps, think a little more carefully that he might otherwise do before making the decision to invest.  This is the classical HYIP dilemma.  High returns almost always go along with high risk.

Aside from the possibility of making a lot of money, there is another advantage to high profit programs such as this; they break even quickly.  Three weeks isn’t a very long time.  In addition, you are recovering 6% or 8% of your deposit on a daily basis which is a very significant rate of return.

Earnings Example.

It’s simple to come up with different earnings examples.  If, for example, you invest $100 into this program, you will earn $6 every day in interest.  So, after 17 days, you will have earned $102 and will have broken even.  Likewise, in 34 days you will have earned $204 and will have doubles your money.  That’s pretty good, 100% net profit in barely a month…


Mainrobots offers four relatively high interest “perpetual” investment plans.  Probably only the lowest interest plan will be affordable to the online investor due to the high minimum investments that that the other plans require.  Mainrobots will probably appeal to the adventuresome investor who hopes to maximize profits in a very short period of time.  The more conservative investor might feel that the program is too risky.


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