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The CryptoLight Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about CryptoLight (that you can read here), we introduced the company’s investment plans as follows:

For the online investor, CryptoLight offers three investment plans.  All of them pay interest on a daily basis and all of them return your investment as part of your earnings (which is the best possible arrangement!).  One plan runs for 45 days and pays 4% interest daily.  The other two run for 20 days, one of them paying 7% interest daily and the other 8%.  So, you can see that the investment plans are really in two groups, one of them having a much longer term than the other two.  As a result, the CryptoLight investment plans will have distinct pros and cons.  This is what we will discuss in detail when we review the program.  We should have the review finished within the next day or two.  Please stand by…

Here’s the complete information on the CryptoLight investment plans as it appears in their website:

4%/day for 45 days
180% total profit
$15 – $15,000

7%/day for 20 days
140% total profit
$200 – $2,499

8%/day for 20 days
160% total profit
$2,500 – $50,000

Analysis of the CryptoLight Investment Plans.

First of all, as you can see from the above, the website information includes the total profit for each of the investment plans.  The use of the word, “profit,” is misleading.  I prefer to reserve the use of the word, “profit,” for interest OVER AND ABOVE a person’s investment amount.  To be more accurate, the website should have called this the total gross interest, the word, “gross,” indicating that it includes your investment.  For example, in the 4% plan, your daily gross interest is 4%.  If you multiply this by the 45-day length of the plan, you get 180%, which would be the total gross interest (referred to as total profit in the website).  As I already indicated, profit is what you get over and above your investment; it is NET interest.  Since the 180% includes your investment, you have to subtract 100% from it to get your total net interest (or your true total profit).  This would simply be 80%.  Finally, if you divide this by the 45-day length of the investment plan, you get an average daily net interest (we refer to it as DNI), or daily profit, of 0.89%.

I have gone into a lot of detail on this because different websites use different terminology to describe the same thing.  In summary, there are four types of interest that are all very different:

Daily gross interest
Total gross interest
Daily net interest (DNI) — which is average daily profit
Total net interest — which is total profit

Net interest is profit.  It is misleading to refer to gross interest as profit.  This is what the CryptoLight website does.  However, many websites do this as it can be a way to make a relatively unprofitable investment plan appear to be very profitable.  What is the best measure of the profitability of an investment plan?  The answer is simple. DNI!  And, this is the reason that we always determine the DNI of all the investment plans for every program that we review.  The reason that DNI is the best measure of profitability is that it averages out the total net interest or profit that an investment plan pays you over the entire length of the plan.  If, on the average, Plan A pays you $2 per day profit and Plan B pays you $1 per day profit, then Plan A is clearly the more profitable one.  It’s as easy as that to understand.

OK, enough about that!

Now let’s look at the 7% plan.  It pays you a daily gross interest of 7% for 20 days.  This gives you a total gross interest of 140% (the total “profit” given in the website description of the plan).  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your investment, you get a total net interest of 40%.  Finally, dividing this by the 20-day length of the plan, you get a daily net interest, or DNI, of 2%.  If you do the same arithmetic for the 8% plan, you have the following results:

4% plan           DNI = 0.89%
7% plan           DNI = 2.00%
8% plan           DNI = 3.00%

So, now you can very clearly compare the profitability of the three investment plans.  The 7% plan is more than twice as profitable than the 4% plan and the 8% plan is 50% more profitable than the 7% plan.  Of course, the folks at CryptoLight know all this and this is the reason that the minimum investments for the investment plans with the higher DNIs are higher.

I’ve gone into a lot of detail on this to emphasize to you how important it is to determine the DNI of an investment plan in order to understand how profitable it truly is.  At first glance, looking at the 4% plan on the website with the highest return of “180% total profit,” a person might be led to believe that this is the most profitable alternative.  It turns out that it is the least profitable.  As you now know, DNI is based on BOTH daily gross interest and the length of the plan.  It is the only true measure of an investment plan’s profitability (and risk!).

Before we discuss all this, let’s quickly determine the breakeven points of each of the three CryptoLight investment plans.  That’s easy to do.  You simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest that each of the investment plans pays.  For example, for the 4% plan, you divide 100% by 4% to get that the plan breaks even in 25 days.  Doing this same arithmetic for the other two plans, you have the following:

4% plan           25 days
7% plan           15 days
8% plan            13 days

It is obvious that, the higher the gross daily interest, the faster you will break even.

OK, we have gone into a lot of detail about issues that pertain to ANY investment program, not only to CryptoLight which, of course, is the subject of this review.  I hope that some of this discussion has answered questions that might have been puzzling you as you encounter different HYIPs and attempt to decide whether or not they might be good investment opportunities.

In Part 2 of this review, we’ll discuss what we have discovered about the CryptoLight investment plans in an effort to determine their pros and cons.  We will also work out a few earnings examples and, finally, draw conclusions concerning what we think of the program.  Part 2 should be ready in a day or two.  Please stand by…


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