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The BlueSkyInvest Investment Plans.

Let’s begin our review of the BlueSkyInvest investment plans by repeating what we said about them in our “First Thoughts” article describing the program:

BlueSkyInvest offers an exceptionally wide variety of investment plans.  In fact, I have not seen this in any other online investment program.  Typically, a program offers one or two types of investment plans and that’s it.  More specifically, BlueSkyInvest offers four types of plans:

Two of them are “perpetual” and pay earnings on either an hourly or daily basis — forever.  It is possible to withdraw your investment at any time from these plans with a very reasonable 5% penalty

Another plan pays earnings on a daily basis for a set number of days and returns your investment as part of your earnings.

The fourth pays your earnings and returns your investment after a set number of days.

To add to this diversity, each of these types of plans pay different interest rates depending on the size of your investment.  There are three such classifications.  So, in total, BlueSkyInvest offers 12 investment plans.

As usual, it can be tricky deciding which type of investment plan might be the best one to sink your money into.  When we review the program, we will try to nail down the pros and cons of the four types of investment plans — and also make general comments about their profitability and risk in comparison with other HYIPs that you might encounter.  Please stand by for our review of BlueSkyInvest.  It should be available within a few days…

Let’s begin by taking a look at the last item listed in the First Thoughts article — the different interest rates that are offered depending on the size of a person’s investment.  The investment cut off points determine three different interest levels as follows:

0 – 5 BTC
5 – 25 BTC
25 BTC and up

One BTC now is worth almost exactly $4,000.  So, these investment limits translate to around:

0 – $20,000
$20,000 – $100,000
$100,000 and up

With all due respect to the folks at BlueSkyInvest, we always recommend to our readers that they do NOT invest large sums of money in ANY online investment program unless the company can provide verifiable proof of both its existence and its performance as an investment vehicle.  In short, it should be able to provide documentation equivalent to what you would expect from a company that you would like to buy stock shares in or even a bank where you might want to make a deposit.  Very few, if any, HYIPs can provide this type of documentation.  So, specifically, in the case of BlueSkyInvest, we will limit our discussion of its four investment plans to the interest rates that correspond to the lowest investment level — 0 to 5 BTC.

Here is what the four investment plans would look like after this simplification:

Lifetime Hourly           0.16%/hour forever
Lifetime Daily              4%/day forever
12 Days                       12% per day for 12 days
After 15 days               160% after 15 days

Analysis of the BlueSkyInvest Investment Plans.

Let’s begin by further simplifying things.  The Lifetime Hourly plan pays 0.16% per hour.  In one day (24 hours), this will come to 3.84%.  The Lifetime Daily plan pays 4% per day.  Comparing these two interest rates, it would appear to make sense to use the Daily Plan.  The Hourly Plan might only be used by the extremely nervous investor who makes withdrawals from his account a number of times per day for fear of losing a fraction of a percent of his earnings due to the possible closing on the program.  Of course, this IS possible.  But, to keep things simple, in this review, I will only compare the last three type of investment plans.  These are the three types of plans that are most popular in HYIP world.  In fact, some of the conclusions that we reach in the review will also apply when comparing similar investment plans in other HYIPs.

Let’s first take a look at how long it will take to break even in each of these three BlueSkyInvest investment plans.

Lifetime Daily

It is easy to determine breakeven point.  You simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest that you receive.  For this plan, you divide 100% by 4% to get 25 days.

12 Days

Making this same calculation for this plan, you get that it will break even in 9 days (100/12).

After 15 Days

In this plan, since you do not receive any return at all until the plan ends, you can say that the plan will break even in 15 days.

Next, let’s determine the daily net interest (DNI) that you will earn from each of these plans.  Remember that DNI is the average daily profit that you will earn from an investment plan over its lifetime.

Lifetime Daily

It is really impossible to determine DNI for a “perpetual” investment plan as we don’t know how long it will last.  Everything depends on the lifetime of the overall program.  The best we can do is to assume different lifetimes and calculate the DNI for each of them.  Then we have to get out our crystal ball and attempt to determine the most likely survival scenario for the overall program.  Let’s determine the DNI for this investment plan assuming program lifetimes of 90, 180, 270, and 360 days.  We will also make some comments as to how DNI will behave for longer lifetimes.

For an assumed lifetime of 90 days, you determine the total gross interest earned by multiplying the daily gross interest of 4% by 90 days.  The result is 360%.  Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% to get the total net interest in the 90-day period.  This is 260%.  Finally, dividing this by the 90 days, you get a DNI of 2.89%.  If you do this same arithmetic for the other assumed lifetimes for the investment plan, you get the following results:

Days                DNI

90                    2.89%
180                  3.44%
270                  3.63%
360                  3.72%

So, the longer the program survives, the greater your average daily profit.  This makes sense.  You can see that the DNI is homing in on 4%.  You can never make more profit than that.  I suspect that after two or three years, the DNI would be very close to that.  But, has there even been an HYIP that has survived that long?

12 Days

In the 12 Days program, you are earning 12% per day for 12 days.  This comes to a total of 144% total gross interest in the 12-day period.  To get the total net interest, you subtract 100% with a result of 44%.  Finally, to get the DNI, you must average this out over the length of the plan by dividing it by 12 days.  The result is a DNI of 3.67%.

After 15 Days

In this plan, the total gross return after 15 days is 160%.  Subtracting 100% from this, you get a total net return of 60%.  Finally, dividing this by the 15-day length of the investment plan, you get a DNI of exactly 4%.

OK, even with the simplifications we made, there is still a lot of information here that we will have to process in an effort to determine the pros and cons of the BlueSkyInvest investment program.  We will discuss all this information in Part 2 of this review and try to arrive at some useful conclusions for you.  We will also work a few examples of earnings that can be made from these investment plans. Part 2 of the review should be available in the next day or two.  Please stand by…


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