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The CoinExtender Investment Plans.

We just published our “First Thoughts” article on CoinExtender and I’m embarrassed to say that we made a serious oversight.  When you look at the listing of the investment plans that is given in the website, the five of them with the lowest interest rates appear on the page.  I didn’t realize that you can scroll to the right to reveal information on four MORE investment plans that offer higher interest rates.  So, there are a total of NINE investment plans and we will have to correct this as we review the program.  A helpful addition to the website would be a sentence indicating that there are, indeed, nine investment plans.  We also made a typographical error that I will point out and correct shortly.

All this said, and keeping the above in mind, let’s begin with what we said about the CoinExtender investment plans in the First Thoughts article and build on that.

First, all transactions take place in DogeCoin (XDG).  This might not be a surprise, however, since DogeCoin is the coin that they are mining.

Second, the minimum investments for the investment plans are very low.  As I write this, one USD trades for around 432 XDG.  So, the lowest interest plan, with a minimum investment of 1,000 XDG, converts to around a minimum investment of only around $2.  At the other end of the spectrum, the highest interest plan, with a minimum of 50,000 XDG, converts to a minimum of around $116, which will still be a doable amount for the serious online investor.  So, I suspect that this highest interest plan will be the most popular one.  All of the investment plans are 90 days long.

Third, interest rates are somewhat camouflaged.  The table of investment plans gives the minimum investment in XDG as well as the daily return in XDG.  If you divide the return by the minimum investment, you will get the daily percent return for the plan.  As an example, for the lowest interest plan with a minimum investment of 1,000 XGM, the daily return is 14.5 XGM.  Dividing 14.5 by 1,000 (and multiplying by 100) you get that the percent return is 14.5%.

Fourth, although it is not explicitly stated, it appears that your investment is returned as part of your earnings.

OK, let’s correct the typo.  In the third item on the list above, the percent return should be 1.45% rather than 14.5%.  That taken care of, we can proceed to talk about the CoinExtender investment plans — all nine of them.

Here’s the information that the website gives for each of the investment plans:

1,000 to 5,000 XDG
14.5 XDG/day

5,000 to 10,000 XDG
74.5 XDG/day

10,000 to 25,000 XDG
153 XDG/day

25,000 to 50,000 XDG
392 XDG/day

50,000 to 100,000 XDG
805 XGD/day

100,000 to 500,000 XDG
1,650 XGD/day

500,000 to 1,000,000 XDG
8,450 XGD/day

1,000,000 to 2,000,000 XDG
17,300 XGD/day

VIP Plus
2,000,000 and up XDG
35,400 XGD/day

You can see that, working with DogeCoin, we are dealing with some VERY big numbers.  To put this into perspective, as we did in the First Thoughts article, let’s convert these numbers into dollars using the conversion of 432 XGD equals one USD.  To save paper, we’ll also come up with the daily percent earnings that each of the investment plans pay — like we did in item three of the First Thoughts article.  These two changes will make the CoinExtender investment plans much easier to understand.  It is, of course, important to remember that the conversion from XGD to USD changes on a daily basis.  So, the numbers that we come up with will be rough.  However, they will still make the plans easier to relate to.  The daily percent earnings will be correct.  Proceeding exactly like we did in the First Thoughts article for all of the nine investment plans, here’s what you will come up with:

$2 to $12

$12 to $23

$23 to $58

$58 to $116

$116 to $231

$231 to $1,460

$1,460 to $2,315

$2,315 to $4,630

VIP Plus
$4,630 and up

Now things look more like a conventional set of investment plans and may be more understandable to you.  Next, we will take a closer look at these plans…

Analysis of the CoinExtender Investment Plans.

When we analyze an investment plan, we typically take a look at two items: the time it takes for the plan to break even and the average daily net interest (DNI) that the plan pays.  Remember that DNI is the total net interest, or profit, that you earn from an investment plan averaged out over the life of the plan.  It should be clear that, in any investment plan, your profit is zero until you break even.  After that, your earnings are “pure” profit.  DNI averages this pure profit out over the entire length of the investment plan.  DNI might be the best measure of profitability (and risk!) of an investment plan.  Let’s begin by getting this information for the “Starter” plan.

Breakeven point is easy to obtain.  You simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest that an investment plan pays. For the Starter plan, you divide 100% by 1.45% to get that the plan breaks even in around 69 days.  To get DNI, we first determine the total gross interest paid by multiplying the daily gross interest of 1.45% by the 90-day length of the plan.  The result is 130.5%.  Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% from it to get your total net interest.  For the Starter plan, this will be 30.5%.  Finally, dividing this by the 90-day length of the plan, you get the average daily net interest (DNI) for the plan of 0.34%.

Doing these calculations for all of the investment plans, you get the following results:

Plan                 Break Even      Total Gross Int             DNI

Starter             69 days            130.5%                                    0.34%
Basic                68 days            134.1%                                    0.38%
Standard          66 days            137.7%                                    0.42%
Premium         64 days            141.3%                                    0.46%
Exclusive         63 days            144.9%                                    0.50%
Enterprise       61 days            148.5%                                    0.54%
Platinum          60 days            152.1%                                    0.58%
VIP                   58 days            155.7%                                    0.62%
VIP Plus           57 days            159.3%                                    0.66%

OK, we’ve come up with a lot of numbers!  In Part 2 of this review we will discuss them and try to nail down the pros and cons of this very interesting and unusual investment program.  We’ll also plug in some numbers so that you will be able to get an idea as to how much money you will be able to make from it.  We should be able to publish the second part of this review within the next day or two.  Please stand by…


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