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In Part 1 of this review (that you can read here), we came up with a lot of numbers due to the fact that the CoinExtender website gives all its information in DogeCoin (XGD) and we tried to translate this into US dollars (USD).  There is nothing at all wrong with the company dealing with DogeCoin.  We did this translation simply because it is not a very popular coin and most readers can easily relate to dollar amounts.  It is important for the reader to keep in mind that the conversion between XGD and USD can be very volatile.  So, the figures we are using in USD could be way off a short time from now.

This said as a disclaimer, let’s take a look at the investment limits for the CoinExtender investment plans.  Here they are in USD:

Plan                 Investment Limits

Starter             $2 to $12
Basic                $12 to $23
Standard          $23 to $58
Premium         $58 to $116
Exclusive         $116 to $231
Enterprise       $231 to $1,460
Platinum          $1,460 to $2,315
VIP                   $2,315 to $4,630
VIP Plus           $4,630 and up

Although there is nothing wrong with things as they stand right now, it seems that the plans could be simplified by eliminating a number of them.  For example, a single plan could cover the range of investments from $2 up to $231 instead of taking five plans to do it.  However, I must note that, if the value of DogeCoin should increase radically, this might all make good sense as these dollar amounts would, of course, increase as well.  So, again, this is not a complaint — just an observation.

Concerning breakeven point, let’s repeat some of the results from Part 1 here:

Plan                 Break Even      Total Gross Int             DNI

Starter             69 days            130.5%                        0.34%
Basic                68 days            134.1%                       0.38%
Standard          66 days            137.7%                       0.42%
Premium         64 days            141.3%                        0.46%
Exclusive         63 days            144.9%                       0.50%
Enterprise       61 days            148.5%                        0.54%
Platinum          60 days            152.1%                       0.58%
VIP                   58 days            155.7%                       0.62%
VIP Plus           57 days            159.3%                       0.66%

All of the CoinExtender investment plans break even in roughly two months.  Given that all the plans are three months (90 days) long, you might say that you are recovering your investment for the first two months of the investment period and making your profit during the third month.  While we prefer plans that break even more quickly, for another reason that I will point out shortly, in the case of the CoinExtender plans, this timetable might be acceptable.

A strong point of the CoinExtender investment plans is that they all are paying you a return from the beginning.  This contrasts with plans offered by many other HYIPs that don’t pay you any return until the end of an investment plan.  So, with the CoinExtender investment plans, the risk of losing your investment decreases as the plan progresses.  This is the most sensible type of investment plan to put your money into.

Next, let’s think about the profitability and risk of these investment plans.  This is where we look at the DNIs that they pay.  I’m going to round off some numbers here to make the discussion simpler.  I hope that I achieve this objective rather than confuse things more.  If you look at the previous chart, I suspect that the investment plans in the middle of it will be the most popular — the Premium, Exclusive, and Enterprise plans.  Of course, there will be investors on either side of them.  The DNIs for these plans are right around 0.5% — an average profit of one-half percent per day over the length of the plan.  On a weekly basis, this comes to an average of around 3.5%.  For an HYIP, this is on the low side.  However, and extremely important, we feel that programs offering investment plans having DNIs that are less than 1% have a very good chance of being long-term survivors.  This takes us back to the previous discussion of breakeven points where I suggested that, in the case of the CoinExtender investment plans, a two-month time to break even might not be too troublesome.  Now you can see that the reason is because of the high probability of this program being a long-term survivor.  There is a very thorough discussion of DNIs and risk in the article in HYIP Insights #12.  You might want to refer to it for more information on this.

An unusual factor in the CoinExtender program is that it deals exclusively with DogeCoin.  This is not a popular coin and I would hope that this will not negatively affect the popularity of this program which, as I have suggested above, has a high potential for long-term survival.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s work two earnings examples, the first with an investment of $100 and the second with an investment of $1,000.  Although I am going to work the examples in dollars, using the conversion of one USD equals 432 XGD, these investments would correspond to 43,200 XGD and 432,000 XGD — big numbers.

An investment of $100 would fit into the Premium plan which pays 1.57% interest daily.  This is equivalent to $1.57 daily.  Dividing this into $100, you can see that it will take you 64 days to break even — as the previous chart indicated.  By the end of the 90-day period, your total return will be $141.30, a net profit of $41.30.  This also checks out with the previous chart.

An investment of $1,000 would fit into the Enterprise plan which pays 1.65% interest daily.  In this case, your daily return would be $16.50 with a total gross return by the end of the 90-day investment period of $1,485.  Your net profit would be $485.  Again, these numbers check with the previous chart.


The CoinExtender program offers a total of nine investment plans.  A few of the lower interest plans will probably not be used.  CoinExtender operates exclusively with DogeCoin which might limit its popularity.  All of its investment plans are 90 days long and interests that are paid are modest (by HYIP standards).  This level of interest suggests that the program will have a high probability of long-term survival.  CoinExtender will probably appeal to the online investor who in seeking a moderate but stable passive income.  It will probably not appeal to the investor looking for quick profits.


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