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The Token Logic Investment Plans

In our “First Thoughts” article about Token Logic, we introduced their investment plans in the following way:

Token Logic offers three investment plans.  They appear to be well-thought-out and logical, something that is not always the case with online investment plans.  All of the plans return your investment as part of your earnings.  In addition, they are set up such that each plan ends after you reach 50% net profit.  The information given about each plan also gives the number of days it will take an investment to break even.  So, the given information tells you both how long the plan is as well as how long it takes to get your investment back.  That means one less thing for the investor to do (or for us at EmilyNews to do in our review!).  Gross interest rates for the three investment plans range from 3% to 5%, which we will see in our review lead to lucrative but sensible net returns.  With all this as an introduction, please stand by for more information when we review the program.  Our review should be available within the next day or two.

Here’s the complete information about the Token Logic investment plans as it appears in their website:

Starter Plan
3% for 50 days
.001 – 10 BTC
Break even in 34 days

Advanced Plan
3.75% for 40 days
.1 – 20 BTC
Break even in 27 days

Superior Plan
5% for 30 days
.5 – 100 BTC
Break even in 20 days

Analysis of the Token Logic Investment Plans.

When we analyze investment plans, we typically determine two pieces of information, break even point and DNI.  As we already indicated in the First Thoughts article, the website information includes the break even point.  So, half the work is done for us!

But, the other half is to determine the “Daily Net Interest” or DNI that each of the investment plans pay.  This might be the most important part of the equation.  The reason for determining DNI is that it is difficult to compare the investment plans of one HYIP with those of another as the information about them can be given in so many different ways.  Sometimes this is done innocently.  At other times it is done to hide the fact that an investment plan might be extremely unprofitable or defective in some other way.  DNI is simply the net profit that an investment plan pays you averaged out over the length of the plan.  It is the average calendar day profit.  It will always be the case that, when you begin an investment plan, you don’t make any profit until you break even.  However, after that, all your earnings are “pure” profit.  DNI averages this pure profit out on a daily basis over the length of an investment plan.  This is very important and I hope that what I’ve said is clear.

Now, let’s get to work and calculate the DNI for each of the Token Logic investment plans.  All of the plans pay you a total net interest of 50%.  To get the daily net interest (DNI), you simply divide this by the number of days in the investment plan.  For example, for the Starter Plan, you divide 50% by 50 days to get a DNI of exactly 1%.  If you repeat this simple arithmetic for the other two investment plans, you get the following results:

Plan                 DNI

Starter             1.00%
Advanced        1.25%
Superior          1.67%


I have a technical background and perhaps that’s why I appreciate financial plans that are orderly rather than haphazard and, at the worst, (as is true with some HYIPs!) nonsensical.  Well, the three Token Logic plans excel with respect to being orderly.  Specifically, they all yield 50% net profit and the lengths of the investment plans decrease in a very precise manner (50, 40, and 30 days).  And, we will see that this leads to a very sensible set of investment plans.

In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs between 1% and 2% will have a good chance of long-term survivability.  Well, the Token Logic plans are right in this sweet spot.  Concerning profitability, with a DNI of 1%, the Starter Plan provides an average weekly profit of 7% (1% x 7 days) while the most lucrative plan, the Superior Plan, provides a weekly profit of close to 12% (1.67% x 7 days).  In HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that an investor aim for programs offering investment plans providing between 5% and 10% weekly profit.  Again, the Token Logic investment plans are right in this sweet spot.  It is almost as if we (the guys at EmilyNews!) designed them ourselves!

The lower investment limits for the Token Logic plans are also sensible.  The Starter Plan is accessible to all investors and the Advanced Plan, with a lower investment limit of 0.1 BTC will be accessible to the serious investor.  The Superior Plan, with a lower investment limit of 0.5 BTC will be out of the reach of almost all online investors.  However, I believe that this plan, which offers the highest interest, is intended to be a more or less exclusive “club” for the company’s elite investor group.  In fact, as I usually note in reviews, a high lower investment limit for a high interest investment plan is a wise move on the part of a company as it limits its obligation to pay hefty earnings to a large number of investors.  We all hope that an HYIP will survive for a long long time and this is one small thing that the administrators of a program can do to insure that this can happen.


The Token Logic website provides a very clear and well-written description of the company’s activities and the investment plans that it offers.  Its three investment plans appear to be very well-thought-out and offer returns that are lucrative but are not SO lucrative that the long-term survivability of the program would appear to be at risk.  With good management practices, this program has the potential to be a leader in the HYIP industry for a long time to come.


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