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The Elirtex Investment Plan.

There isn’t too much that can be added to what we said in our “First Thoughts” article about the Elirtex Investment plan.  So, I am just going to repeat that here — so that you will have all the background information in front of you as we proceed to discuss this very interesting investment plan further.

Elirtex offers a single investment plan that has a few interesting features.  The plan is 12 weeks long and pays interest daily.  However, the interest that you earn on weekdays is 2.6% while the interest that you earn on weekends is only 1%, giving a weekly total of 15%.  For the 12-week period, this comes to a total return of 180%.  Since your investment is returned to you as part of your interest earnings, your total net return (profit) is 80%.  The idea of a variable interest rate that corresponds to the days during which a company generates its own revenue makes a lot of sense to me.  The investment limits for the plan are .005 – 1 BTC.    This is impressive as most HYIPs “go for broke” and attempt to attract investments that can easily be 10 times the upper limit of the Elirtex investment plan.  Although this investment plan has a variable interest rate, it is still very easy to understand.  But, we will have a few more things to say about it when we review the program in a day or two from now.  Please look for the review in the EmilyNews blog in the next day or two.

Analysis of the Elirtex Investment Plan.

Before we can discuss the Elirtex investment plan intelligently and draw conclusions as to what’s good and bad about it, we should first determine how long it takes the plan to break even as well as what the daily net interest (DNI) for it is.

In what follows, I’m going to simplify things by working with an average gross daily return for the plan rather the true returns of 2.6% on weekdays and 1% on weekends.  Always remember that we are looking at the “big picture.”  The small details are unimportant in determining the pros and cons of an HYIP.  As the experienced online investor well knows, anything can happen at a completely unpredictable time.  So, in these reviews we do our best to provide advice that we feel will be helpful to the investor, but tempered by the reality that this “Game” (see HYIP Insights #4 for an article about the HYIP “Game”) can be full of surprises.  So, again, given this uncertainty, the details are unimportant.  To continue, we know that the total weekly return is 15%.  If you divide this by seven (the number of days in a week), you get the average daily return that we are looking for.  The result is around 2.14%.  Next, if you divide 100% by this average daily return of 2.14%, you will get the approximate number of days it will take the plan to break even.  The result of this arithmetic is around 47 days (roughly 1-1/2 months).

Next let’s determine the DNI for the investment plan.  This is the total net profit that the investment plan pays divided by the number of days in the plan — the average daily profit.  The most important thing, right?  OK, the plan is 12 weeks or 84 days long.  In the First Thoughts article reprinted above, we noted that the total net interest for the program is 80%.  So, if you divide the total interest of 80% by 84, the total number of days in the plan, you get the DNI for the plan.  The answer is 0.95%.


As we already indicated in the First Thoughts article, the investment limits for this investment plan are very sensible and realistic.  Certainly, any investor can afford the minimum of 0.005 BTC (around $30 if 1 BTC equals around $6,000).  And, the maximum of 1 BTC is realistic.  To its credit, Elirtex is not shooting for the moon hoping that it will catch an unwary investor who might invest 100 BTC or thereabouts in hopes of quick riches.  This is an all-too-common practice in HYIPs.  I note that, if, indeed, an investor really wanted to invest a very large sum into this plan, nothing would stop him as he could certainly make multiple deposits of the 1 BTC maximum.  So, Elirtex loses nothing by advertising a sensible maximum investment and, at the same time, improves its credibility as a more ethical investment platform.

It takes a month and a half for the investment plan to break even, half the three month total length of the plan.  This is OK.  It could be better; it could be worse.  However, paying a higher return to decrease the breakeven time (and to increase the profitability of the plan), would put the sustainability of the overall program at risk.  We’ll talk more about that shortly.  It is important to note that, since the investment plan provides daily returns, the amount of your investment that is at risk decreases on a daily basis.  This is a far superior approach to investment plans that do not return your investment until the conclusion of the plan.

Next, let’s take a look at how profitable the Elirtex investment plan is.  The DNI of an investment plan is the average profit you earn in a day.  If you multiply it by seven, you will obviously get the average profit you earn in a week.  So, multiplying the 0.95% DNI by seven, we get an average weekly profit of 6.65%.  In HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that a sensible level of weekly profit to aim for in an HYIP would be between 5% and 10%.  The higher limit might be the riskier investment plans while the lower limit might be the more conservative ones.  You can see that the Elirtex program leans toward being more conservative.  But, in my opinion, a weekly profit approaching 7% is quite alright with me.  However, it might not be enough for the adventuresome investor.

Another way to look at this is from the point of view of sustainability of the program.  In HYIP Insights, #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs less than 1% could have a very good chance of long-term survival.  With a DNI of 0.95%, the Elirtex program is in this group.


Elirtex offers a single investment plan that is three months long.  This investment plan appears to be very well-designed and would seem to be aimed at the conservative investor looking for a relatively long-term plan as its chances of long-term survival seem to be quite good.  It would probably not appeal to the investor who is interested in higher yield short-term returns.

I hope this information is helpful to you.


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