As you know, CLX was Listed on the Exchange, but, How Much Is It Worth?

Recently CryptoLux (reviewed here) announced that their coin, CLX, is now listed on the exchange.  This, of course, is progress as holders of CLX now have a place to go to sell or buy more of this coin.  However, exchanges such as this also give the holder of the coin a taste of reality.  In the case of CLX, there simply isn’t very much buying and selling activity.  So, it is really hard to get a feel for its value.  However, based on the limited data available from, around 100,000 CLX trades for 1 BTC.  Also, from this exchange, around $7,500 trades for 1 BTC.  Dividing 7,000 by 100,000, you get the approximate value of CLX in dollars at the present time — around $.075.  Not very much.  However, CLX is a brand-new coin and anything can happen.  So, from time to time we will update this information on the EmilyNews Blog.  Stay tuned…

CLX is Listed

It’s finally time, the first of many Exchanges on which we will be listed. Today, the IT department of GETBTC.ORG has completed all tests and implementations for the inclusion of CLX coins.
Each user can now transfer and sell his CLX from their desktop wallet or directly from their account to the Exchange.
This step proves again how important it is to hold on to your dreams. Together we have the opportunity to earn a stable passive income. Our crypto trading systems run perfectly and pay you since months every day, the Cold Storage program keeps all its promises too.
Do not let the outside influence you, because we are part of a big movement, many people trust our services and we will keep all our promises.
Every one of our departments works hard every day to bring you further and bring the dream of Financial Freedom for every CryptoLux member a step closer.
The listing of CLX on GETBTC.ORG is only a small step on our todo list, we will be listed in many more exchanges in the future and will soon be listed on Coinmarketcap.
In addition, our IT department is working on further improvements resulting from the surveys, including the integration of means of payment such as Payeer, Perfect Money, ZCash, EOS and many more.
In addition, the mobile application is being developed and we are in contact with banks to publish as promised a credit card to all our customers.
Anyone who has not yet taken the chance to participate at CryptoLux investment opportunities is not too late yet.
Anyone can earn a stable income with CryptoLux, and that will always be the case.
We thank you for the active support of our community.
Together we are strong and will revolutionize the crypto market.


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