A Slowness Record?

World Mining (reviewed here) just announced that it might take them up to two weeks to process withdrawals.  I don’t recall how long they took with withdrawals when the program went online.  However, two weeks is the longest stated time lag that I have heard of for processing withdrawal requests by any HYIP.  Very frequently, HYIPs process withdrawals instantly, the only delay being with the confirmation process associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

World Mining basically states that the reason for the delay is that their staff if overworked and can’t keep up with their workload.  Well, it seems to me that the simple solution would be to hire a few more staff members!  Processing withdrawal requests isn’t rocket science and the level of expertise required for this type of staff member won’t be very high.  Hence, the addition of such staff should be affordable.  This is a very poor excuse.  It makes one wonder what the REAL reason is for this slow turn-around time…

Here’s the World Mining update:

Notification on changing the rules of processing the withdrawals!

Hello, dear World Mining members! We inform you about the change in the rules for withdrawal of funds. Earlier applications could be done 2 times a week (Monday, Thursday). Since 14.06.2018 there are new regulations:

• You can leave applications for payouts on working days from Monday to Friday. The processing time is 14 days.

As you already know, the budget reduction of the Company has practically no noticeable negative impact on the Company’s budget. However, during the summer period, the load on the trader department, the development department, and also the support service increases. Recently, a large-scale work was carried out to develop, test and launch its own crypto-currency pool. Our employees work in a very busy schedule and given the fact that the Company starts the holiday season in the middle of the month, we forecast that the current load is increased for each specialist at times.

There is also a more material interest for users: the % of overpayments on commission fees will be reduced.

Therefore, it was decided that now you can withdraw the funds on any weekday. The procedure for processing them in connection with the current Agreement will not exceed the 14-day period. As a rule, payments are much faster, but we specify the maximum allowed time to reduce the number of requests to the support service. We hope for your understanding and patience! Dear partners we wish you a wonderful holiday!

Sincerely yours,
World Mining Team!


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