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Analysis of the TradeLimited Investment Plans (cont.).

In Part 1 of this review, we promised that in Part 2 we would determine the time to break even for each of the TradeLimited investment plans and, after that, we would discuss all the information we have determined about the program in an effort to nail down the its strong and weak points.

Concerning breakeven points and to begin this discussion, the three “Reinvest” type plans where you don’t receive ANY return until the plan ends obviously don’t break even until then either.  But, what about the other plans?  All you have to do to find out when a plan breaks even is to divide the gross daily or weekly interest into 100%.  Let’s start with the Mining plans as they pay interest daily.  For the Mining Start Plan, Dividing 100% by 0.8%, we find that the plan will break even in 125 days.  Since the plan is only 90 days long, you won’t break even until the plan ends and your investment is returned to you.  However, you will recover some of your investment before then.  How much?  Multiply 90 days times .8 to get 72%.  In the same way, you could determine that the Mining Pro Plan won’t break even until 100 days have elapsed which is also beyond the length of the plan.  In the 90-day length of the plan, you will recover 90% of your investment — almost all of it.

Next, let’s determine the breakeven points for the three Forex plans.  These plans are 91 days long which is exactly 13 weeks (7 x 13 = 91).  The Newbie Plan pays 7.5% interest per week.  Dividing 100% by 7.5%. we get that the plan will break even in 13.3 weeks.  This is close to the 13-week length of the plan but not quite there.  So, like the Mining plans we just discussed, this plan also won’t break even until its 13-week term is up and your investment is returned.  For the Trader Plan, you earn 11% per day.  Dividing 100% by this amount, you find that the plan breaks even in 9.09 weeks — which is before the end of the plan.  Multiplying 9.09 by 7, you get that the plan breaks even in 64 days.  So, from day 64 until day 91, your earnings are pure profit.  In the Market Trader Plan, you will break even in 6.67 weeks (100/15).  Multiplying this by 7, you find that this plan breaks even in around 47 days — just a little bit past the half way point in the 91-day plan.  Then, after that, it’s pure profit till the end of the plan when your investment will be returned.


OK, we’ve covered a lot of ground in this review.  Let’s repeat every thing we’ve discovered so that it’s all in one place and will be easier to talk about.


Newbie Plan
7.5% weekly for 91 days
$50 – $1,000
DNI = 1.07%
Break Even = 91 days

Trader Plan
11% weekly for 91 days
$1,001 – $50,000
DNI = 1.57%
Break Even = 64 days

Market Trader Plan
15% weekly for 91 days
$5,001 – $50,000
DNI = 2.14%
Break Even = 47 days

Reinvest Gold Plan
300% after 120 days
$10 – $50,000
DNI = 2.5%
Break Even = 120 days

Reinvest VIP Plan
600% after 180 days
$10 – $50,000
DNI = 3.33%
Break Even = 180 days


Mining Start
0.8% daily for 90 days
$10 – $1,000
DNI = 0.8%
Break even = 90 days

Mining Pro
1.9% daily for 90 days
$1,001 – $50,000
DNI = 1.0%
Break even = 90 days

Mining Reinvest
200% after 75 days
$250 – $50,000
DNI = 2.67%
Break even = 75 days

OK, now that everything is in front of us, let’s look at the good and bad of these eight investment plans offered by TradeLimited.

First of all, I think that we should eliminate the Market Trader Plan from consideration because of the high minimum investment of $5,001.  Few, if any, online investors will opt for this plan.  In fact, we usually advise our readers against investing this much in any one plan.  This is actually good for the sustainability of the overall program as this plan has the highest DNI of the daily and weekly plans.  If the plan isn’t used, the obligation of the company to pay this higher return to its investors is eliminated.

Next, take a look at the DNIs of the remaining four daily and weekly interest programs.  ALL of them have values less than 2%.  In fact, three of them have values in the neighborhood of 1% or lower.  In HYIP Insights #12 we suggested a maximum of 2% for DNI in its investment plans if a program is to have a high chance of being sustainable.  These plans score high in this regard.

All four of these plans return earnings on a daily basis which is an attractive feature of them as well.  However, none of them beside the Trader Plan break even before the end of the plan.

All of the “Reinvest” plans — two in the Forex group and one in the Mining group — have relatively high DNIs; all are above the borderline value of 2% that we referred to previously.  Hence, although these plans are more profitable than the others, if they are popular, they could jeopardize the longevity of the overall program.  These high DNIs are probably a necessary carrot to induce investors to utilize these plans because, otherwise, they are not too attractive.  There are two things against them.  First, the terms of the investment plans are quite long, up to six months for the Reinvest VIP Plan.  Second, you do not receive any earnings until the end of the plan.  So, you might have to bite your nails for up to a half year in hopes that the program won’t close prematurely.  This is a very long time in the HYIP world.  The shortest-term plan in the group is the Mining Reinvest Plan which still doesn’t mature for 2-1/2 months.  In general, because of the high risk, we do not advise investing in this type of investment plan.  Please see HYIP Insights #21 for more details on this.


The TradeLimited investment plans are all fairly long therm.  All of them return your investment at the end of the plan rather than with your earnings.  This is a negative feature of all the plans.  Five of the plans pay earnings daily or weekly and are 90 or 91 days long.  One of these has an excessively high minimum investment of $5,001.  The remaining four plans in this group have sensible DNIs and would appear to offer satisfactory profit without jeopardizing the long-term survivability of the overall program.

Three of the investment plans hold your earnings until the end of the investment term and, among these three, two have excessively long terms.  Although these plans offer higher returns, they are significantly riskier and, for that reason, might not be attractive to the average investor.  If they are not used often, this will be good for the overall program as its obligation to make high interest payments will be lessened.

It is probable that the most popular investment plans will be the Newbie and Trader weekly plans from the Forex group and the Mining Start and Mining Pro daily plans from the Mining group.    The Trader Plan has a minimum investment of $1,001 which might be doable for the serious investor.  However, the majority of investors will probably shy away from it.  Eliminating this plan from consideration, the remaining three plans have DNIs of 0.8%, 1.0%, and 1.07%.  If, indeed, most investors put their money into these conservative investment plans, TradeLimited would seem to have the potential to be a stable long-lived investment program.

I hope this information is helpful.  Good Luck!


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