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We recently published a “First Thoughts” article about TradeLimited.  In it we summarized the company’s investment plans as follows:

TradeLimited offers eight investment plans.  They are divided into two categories:  Forex and Mining.  There are five plans in the Forex group and three in the Mining group.  All of the plans return your investment at their conclusion — meaning that your earnings are pure profit, assuming that the program doesn’t close before the term of your investment plan is up.  There is a wide diversity of investment plan types.  Three of the Forex plans pay interest weekly while the remaining two pay it at the end of the plan.  Two of the Mining Plans pay interest daily while one pays it at the end of the plan.  So, there is something for everyone.  Unlike investment plans offered by many other HYIPs, only one of these plans has a minimum investment that is excessive — $5,001.  Next in line would be two of them with minimum investments of $1,001 — which is high but not out of reach.  A quick look at the interests that the plans pay tells me that most of them are reasonable and, if they are on the high side, they are not out-of-sight.  However, there is a LOT more to say about these investment plans.  We will get to that in our review of the program which should be in print within the next few days.  Please stay tuned…

With this as background, let’s summarize the information about each of the TradeLimited investment plans.  Remember that ALL of them return your investment at the end of the plan.  First, we’ll do the five Forex plans and then we’ll do the three mining plans.


Newbie Plan
7.5% weekly for 91 days
$50 – $1,000

Trader Plan
11% weekly for 91 days
$1,001 – $50,000

Market Trader Plan
15% weekly for 91 days
$5,001 – $50,000

Reinvest Gold Plan
300% after 120 days
$10 – $50,000

Reinvest VIP Plan
600% after 180 days
$10 – $50,000


Mining Start
0.8% daily for 90 days
$10 – $1,000

Mining Pro
1.9% daily for 90 days
$1,001 – $50,000

Mining Reinvest
200% after 75 days
$250 – $50,000

Before we begin our analysis of the investment plans, let’s note that there might be a misprint in the website for the upper limit of the initial investment for the Trader Plan.  The correct number is probably $5,000 rather than $50,000.  I suspect this to be the case because the lower limit of the Market Trader Plan that follows it is $5,001.  Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter.  If a person has over $5,000 to invest, he would invest it in the Market Trader rather than the Trader Plan because of the higher interest.

Analysis of the TraderLimited Investment Plans. 

OK, let’s get to work!  Since all the plans return your investment at the end of the plan, any earnings that you earn during the course of the plan will be profit — assuming that the program survives until the end of the investment plan.  And, we will make that assumption in what follows.

In order to be able to talk intelligently about the profitability of these investment plans, we first need to know their daily net interest rates (DNIs).  Then, the values determined for DNI will also tell us a lot about the potential for long term survivability of the overall program.

Let’s start with the Newbie Plan in the Forex group.  It pays a NET weekly interest of 7.5%.  Dividing this by seven days per week, we get a daily net interest (DNI) of 1.07%.  Doing the same arithmetic for the Trader and Market Trader Plans we get the following:

Newbie     DNI = 1.07%
Trader     DNI = 1.57%
Market Trader     DNI = 2.14%

For the Reinvest Gold and Reinvest VIP Plans, you get the DNI by simply dividing the total net interest paid at the end of the plan by the number of days in the plan.  Here are the results:

Reinvest Gold     DNI = 2.5%
Reinvest VIP     DNI = 3.33%

Moving on to the Mining group, we’ll start with the Mining Start and Mining Pro Plans.  This is simple because the interest you are paid is net (remember that your investment is being returned to you at the end of the plan).  So, the interest that you are paid IS the DNI for the plan.  So, the DNIs for these two plans are:

Mining Start     DNI = 0.8%
Mining Pro     DNI = 1.0%

The Mining Reinvest Plan works just the same way as the two “Reinvest” plans in the Forex group.  Dividing the total net interest of 200% by the 75 days in the plan, you get:

Mining Reinvest     DNI = 2.67%

Before we continue, always remember that DNI is an EFFECTIVE interest rate; it is NOT profit that you put in your pocket every day!  For example, in the Mining Reinvest Plan, you don’t receive ANY interest until the plan ends.  DNI averages the total net interest you will receive at the end of the program over number of days in the program.

Looking at the weekly and daily plans, they are essentially the same length with the Forex group being 91 days long and the Mining group being 90 days long.  Furthermore, there really isn’t too much difference whether you get paid interest weekly or daily.  True, you are slightly safer if you can withdraw your interest earnings every day.  However, let’s ignore that advantage for now and simply group these five plans together.  Here’s how things will look.  In this listing, I’ve put the plans in order of increasing DNI.

Mining Start     DNI = 0.8%  (Mining)
Mining Pro     DNI = 1.0%  (Mining)
Newbie     DNI = 1.07%  (Forex)
Trader     DNI = 1.57%  (Forex)
Market Trader     DNI = 2.14%  (Forex)

You can see that the Forex plans are slightly more profitable than the Mining plans.  Perhaps the plans were designed this way so that the Forex plans earn a little bit more to compensate for the fact that they receive interest weekly rather than daily.  This is good program design.

We should also note that the Market Trader Plan has a very high minimum investment of $5,001.  It is likely that this plan will not be used or, if it is, it will be used very very rarely.  Thus, for all practical purposes, ALL the DNIs are less than 2%.  We will talk more about this in the discussion part of this review.

Another note about these plans is that the 90-day period you have to wait until your investment is returned is considerable.  We will have to check whether or not these plans will break even before the 90 or 91-day term is up.  We’ll do that after we’re through talking about DNI.

Next let’s put the remaining three programs that hold your interest till the plan is over into a similar listing but this time according to length of plan.

Mining Reinvest     DNI = 2.67%     75 days  (Mining)
Reinvest Gold     DNI = 2.5%     120 days  (Forex)
Reinvest VIP     DNI = 3.33%     180 days  (Forex)

For these plans, since you receive NO return at all until the end of the plan, things can get risky for the longer-term plans, specifically the two Forex plans.  120 days is four months and 180 days is six months!  These are long periods of time in the HYIP world.  From this point of view, the single Mining plan is the most attractive with a plan length of “only” 75 days or 2-1/2 months.  The minimum investment for the Mining plan is $250 whereas the minimum for the two Forex plans is only $10.  I think I would risk the $250 rather than commit to a four or six-month investment plan.

There is one last thing to talk about in our analysis of the TradeLimited investment plans.  This is the time for them to break even.  However, this review is getting quite long already.  I think we will save this for a second part of the review which we should get to in a few more days.  Please stand by…


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