First Thoughts on NobleDDos.

Most of us, at least in Europe and the United States, are familiar with the legend of “Robin Hood.”  Set in England roughly 600 years ago, the story goes that the evil and selfish Prince John was taxing and otherwise abusing the peasants of his time.  Along come Robin Hood and his “merry men” whose hideout was Sherwood Forest.  He and his band would rob from the very rich Prince and his followers and distribute their take to the poor people whom the prince had exploited.  It is the classic story of committing a crime — in this case robbery — for a higher good.

But, let’s return to the here-now…

In the HYIP business we often hear that a program website is protected against DDos attacks.  I confess that, not being a computer geek, I wasn’t too familiar with what this is all about.  So, in an effort to learn a little more, I uncovered a lot of information, such as what is given in the following link:

I will repeat some of this explanation here.  Perhaps it will help you as much as it did me.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attack in which multiple compromised computer systems attack a target, such as a server, website or other network resource, and cause a denial of service for users of the targeted resource. The flood of incoming messages, connection requests or malformed packets to the target system forces it to slow down or even crash and shut down, thereby denying service to legitimate users or systems.

DDoS attacks have been carried out by diverse threat actors, ranging from individual criminal hackers to organized crime rings and government agencies. In certain situations, often ones related to poor coding, missing patches or generally unstable systems, even legitimate requests to target systems can result in DDoS-like results.

How DDoS attacks work

In a typical DDoS attack, the assailant begins by exploiting a vulnerability in one computer system and making it the DDoS master. The attack master system identifies other vulnerable systems and gains control over them by either infecting the systems with malware or through bypassing the authentication controls (i.e., guessing the default password on a widely used system or device).

A computer or networked device under the control of an intruder is known as a zombie, or bot. The attacker creates what is called a command-and-control server to command the network of bots, also called a botnet. The person in control of a botnet is sometimes referred to as the botmaster (that term has also historically been used to refer to the first system “recruited” into a botnet because it is used to control the spread and activity of other systems in the botnet).

Botnets can be comprised of almost any number of bots; botnets with tens or hundreds of thousands of nodes have become increasingly common, and there may not be an upper limit to their size. Once the botnet is assembled, the attacker can use the traffic generated by the compromised devices to flood the target domain and knock it offline.

Before i continue i remind you that it’s all related to NobleDDos program legend which of course remains just a legend… 🙂

In my mind, it seems comparable to the make-believe situation of somehow causing a thousand non-paying customers to flood a store such that it couldn’t take care of the few important ones that were there to make legitimate purchases.  As a result, the store would eventually fail because it wasn’t making any money.  In the case of a DDos attack, the target website is rendered useless because it cannot handle the worthless traffic that overwhelms it.

Well, therefore, anyone that orchestrates a DDos attack on another website is a really bad guy, right?  Well, maybe, maybe not.  Robin Hood was a robber.  But he was also a very GOOD guy.  And here is where NobleDDos comes along.  Please note the word NOBLE in the name of this HYIP.  Yes, indeed, NobleDDos is in the business of setting up DDos attacks on certain websites.  However, these attacks are only aimed at ILLEGAL websites that the world would be better off without.  Examples might be porn sites, fraudulent gambling sites, and the like.

So, what does NobleDDos do to these sites?  First, it essentially shuts them down with a DDos attack and then it holds the site in RANSOM.  It then offers to stop the DDos attack, but for a FEE.  I gather from the NobleDDos website that, even if the fee is paid, NobleDDos still doesn’t stop the DDos attack and the website dies in spite of paying the ransom.  If it refuses to pay the ransom, it also dies.  Thus, no matter what happens, NobleDDos removes objectionable websites from the airwaves and sometimes it makes a lot of money in the process.  And, this is where the money comes from that is paid to folks that invest with NobleDDos.

NobleDDos is truly a unique program; I haven’t seen anything like it at all.  Apparently, it is the work of three professional computer programmers (that have hacking experience as well?) that have come upon this extremely novel way of making a living.  There is nothing like this around.  So, it is really impossible to pass judgement on how great the chances for success of this type of venture might be.  To me it appears to be the type of thing that even a single computer geek might be able to do from his office hideout somewhere.  NobleDDos has THREE such geeks working together.  Let’s see what happens…

OK, enough about this company.  Let’s take a very quick look at the investment plans that NobleDDos has to offer.  There are four of them.  Two of them run for 15 calendar days each and return both your deposit and your earnings at the completion of the plans.  They have minimum investments of $10 and $1,000 respectively.  The other two run for 30 days each and, in contrast, pay you your earnings on a daily basis with your deposit being returned to you as a part of these earnings.  The minimum investments for these latter two plans are the same as for the previous two plans.  So, at least at first glance, all of the plans appear to be more or less feasible for serious investors.  In addition, a quick look at the interest rates the plans pay tells me that they are high enough to be profitable without being so high that the overall program will have little chance of long term survival.

NobleDDos is a brand new program and a very unique one at that.  We will take a much closer look at these investment plans that it offers when we review the program a few days from now.  Please stand by…


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