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Analysis of Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article on Profitable Morrows (that you can read here), I gave some background information on the program as well as a very brief introduction to the two investment plans that it offers.  Here is the info on the investment plans as given in the website:

Fixed Plan

  • Plan Terms: 112% After 12 Calendar Days
  • Payment Days: From Monday to Sunday
  • Total Return: 112% Total Return (12% Net)
  • Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – No Limit
  • Min – Max Deposit: $25 or BTC 0.01 – No Limit

Daily Plan

  • Plan Terms: 4.5% Daily for 34 Business Days
  • Payment Days: From Monday to Friday
  • Total Return: 153% Total Return (53% Net)
  • Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – No Limit
  • Min – Max Deposit: $25 or BTC 0.01 – No Limit

First of all, the investment plans are easy to understand.  All the information given about them is perfectly clear.  The program even gives the NET return (or profit) for each of the programs.  Not all HYIPs do this and sometimes you have to do a little bit of arithmetic to find this out.  However, as we pointed out in the First Thoughts article, since the investment plans are radically different (one is based on business days and the other on calendar days and one pays interest daily while the other pays interest at the end of the investment plan’s term), it is tricky to determine the profitability of the two programs.

But, just what is profitability?  We at Emily News have coined a term that we call “Daily Net Interest,” or DNI for short, that is THE EFFECTIVE AVERAGE DAILY PROFIT THAT AN INVESTMENT PLAN PAYS YOU.  In reality, you may not receive any profit from an investment plan until you break even.  But, after that, any earnings you receive will be pure profit.  DNI averages this profit out over the entire length of an investment plan.  So, if one plan pays you a DNI of 1% and another pays you a DNI of 2%, the second one is twice as profitable because, ON THE AVERAGE, you make twice as much profit from it than the first.

With that as an introduction, let’s get back to the two Profitable Morrows investment plans.  The Fixed Plan is very easy to understand.  The website tells us that you are paid a net profit of 12% at the end of the 12-day period.  Averaging this profit out over the investment period, we get a DNI of precisely 1%.  Or, on the average, this program pays you an effective profit of 1%  per day — even though, in reality, you don’t see a penny of this profit until the plan has ended.  I hope that this example and the preceding paragraph have made the concept of DNI crystal clear to you.

Now, let’s calculate the DNI of the Daily Plan.  That will be a little more involved.  First of all, the website tells you that the total net profit of the plan is 53% (you should be able to figure this out yourself!).  However, you earn this over a period of 34 BUSINESS days, not CALENDAR days.  When we speak of DNI, we always speak in terms of calendar days.  So, the first thing we have to do is to convert 34 business days to calendar days.  This is easy to do if we remember that there are around 22 business days in a 30 calendar-day month.  Using the same 30/22 proportion, we can easily do the conversion to get around 47 calendar days (30/22 x 34) as being equivalent to 34 business days.  Next, divide the 53% total net profit by the 47 calendar days to get a DNI of around 1.13% for the Daily Plan.

So, the Daily Plan is a little bit more profitable that the Fixed Plan — around .13% more profitable.

We often refer back to the article in HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here) where we suggested that programs having investment plans with DNIs less than 1% have a high probability of long term survival and those with DNIs between 1% and 2% could likewise be survivors if other factors in the overall program are favorable.  Well, from the point of view of DNI, the investment plans offered by Profitable Morrows are pretty darn good.  They are right at the top of the sustainable range for DNIs, which would appear to be a good compromise between maximizing profitability and minimizing risk.  Remember that 1% per day is 7% per week.  That’s quite good from my point of view.

OK, the Fixed plan breaks even when it ends.  That’s when you receive both your principal plus your earnings.  But, when will you break even with the Daily Plan?  That’s easy to determine.  Just divide 100% by the daily return of 4.5% to get the number of business days it takes for the plan to break even.  This comes to around 23 days.  Using the same 30/22 proportion as before, we can calculate the equivalent number of calendar days which is around 32 days (30/22 x 23).  So, this plan breaks even in a little over a month.  Then all the earnings you receive after that — until the plan ends after 47 calendar days — are pure profit.  Around 15 days of pure profit.

With all this as background, which of the two investment plans is the best?  That’s the question!  Well, the DNIs of the two plans are very close.  There is no clear-cut winner in that department.  The Fixed Plan breaks even in around 2 weeks and the Daily Plan breaks even in around 4 weeks.  Furthermore, in the Daily Plan, after around 2 weeks, you would have recovered around half of your investment.  I’m afraid that there is no clear-cut winner in the break-even department either.  You can easily come up with scenarios when either plan would be the best way to go.  So, I will have to say that, at least in my opinion, the choice of the better investment plan is truly a matter of personal taste.  If a person prefers to recover his principal gradually, then the Daily Plan is the way to go.  If a person prefers a shorter-term plan, then the Fixed Plan is the way to go.  Assuming that the overall program doesn’t close, you would probably make about the same money from either one of them

But, there might be one more factor to look at — if you are a fan of compounding.  The Daily Plan is around three times as long as the Fixed Plan.  If you invest in the Fixed plan three times, roughly speaking the earnings from that would equal what you would earn from one cycle of the Daily Plan.  However, if after each of these cycles of the Fixed Plan, you reinvest your principal PLUS your earnings, you would compound your investment and, by the end of the third cycle, you would have earned considerably more than you would have with a single cycle of the Daily Plan.  If you are a bit of an adventurer, this might be the way to go!

Other Features of the Program.  

Profitable Morrows presently uses the following payment processors: Paza, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin (recently added).  The minimum deposit is $25 or 0.01 BTC (around $100 right now) and the minimum withdrawal is $1 or 0.0003 BTC (around $3 right now).  Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours.  Even though the Daily Plan only accrues interest on business days, withdrawals are possible seven days per week.

The Profitable Morrows affiliate program is more than acceptable.  It pays a hefty 10% commission on deposits made in the first level of a person’s downline and 1% on deposits made in the second and third levels.  You do not need to have an active deposit in order to benefit from the affiliate program.  If a person becomes a representative, these percents are upped to 15%, 1%, and 1%.  In order to become a rep, you must have an active deposit of at least $3,000.  You must also contact support as their might be additional conditions to fulfill.

Support from Profitable Morrows is very good.  There is an email address than can be used as well as the standard contact form.  Also, there is live chat which, unfortunately, was not available when I checked it.  I suspect that it is only available during business hours (in Australia).  It would be helpful if these hours were posted.

Everything considered, the Profitable Morrows program doesn’t give us any surprises.  That’s probably good news!  Usually, surprises in the HYIP world are bad!  The program offers two investment plans that have sensible rates of returns.  Neither plan has a serious advantage and the minimum investment amounts for the plans are the same.  So, the plan that you choose to use is probably a matter of taste more than anything.  Perhaps you might be interested in investing with Profitable Morrows.  If so, as usual, we advise investing in a number of programs in order to diversify your portfolio.  And, never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Always remember that, no matter how good a program might sound, investment in any HYIP is still risky business.  Good Luck!


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