“How to …” Video Added.

BitWaves (reviewed here) was only launched on November 7.  However, in the short period of time since then, nearly 1,000 people have signed up for the program and have invested nearly $100,000 in it.  This is very good progress, indeed.

To further simplify the process of getting acquainted with the program, BitWaves just released a very helpful video that goes into detail with explanations of:

How to register,
How to make a deposit,
How to withdraw, and
How to earn with referrals.

I’m sure that folks that are new to the program will welcome the addition of the video.  Perhaps it will be of assistance to existing investors too.

The video accompanies this News Commentary.  You can also access the first “company introduction” video by clicking on the “introduction” icon in the BitWaves listing in the Emily News monitor.  Of course, it is also accessible on the BitWaves website.

A second news release from, BitWaves tells us that Payza has been added to the list of payment processors that they accept for deposits and withdrawals.  Investors that favor this processor will welcome this addition.

In case you’ve forgotten, BitWaves offers two very promising investment plans.  The interests they pay are about as high as you can get without compromising the ability of the program to be a long-term survivor.  This, of course, is good news for the potential investor.  Here is the summary information on the two plans that was included in our review of the program:

Starter Plan
4% daily for 40 days
Minimum deposit = $25
DNI = 1.5%
Break even = 25 days

Perfect Plan
0.3% hourly for 450 hours (around 19 days)
Minimum Deposit = $200
DNI = 1.87%
Break even = 14 days

You can see from this summary that the DNIs (daily net interests) of the plans are below 2%, which is what we at Emily News suggest as the maximum an HYIP can pay and still remain viable in the long term.  You can find a detailed discussion of DNI in HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here).  Break-even points for the plans are short enough so that the “nail-biting” period when an investor waits to be in profit is minimized.  Finally, the minimum deposits for the two investment plans are low enough such that all interested investors should be able to invest in the program of their choice.  Everything considered, this seems to be a well-thought-out investment program.  We hope that BitWaves will continue to make additional progress as the weeks and months go by…


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