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We just published a “First Thoughts” article about BitWaves a few days ago.  The purpose of these First Thoughts articles is twofold.  First, they alert you to the fact that we have added a new investment program to the Emily News monitor.  Second, they provide a very brief introduction to the program.  Usually, I will try to cover two things: a discussion of the activities of the company (where the money comes from that it will pay to its investors) and a thumbnail sketch of the program’s investment plans.  After reading a First Thoughts article, you should have a general idea what a program is about and what the investment possibilities are.  In other words, it is an overview of the program.

When writing a review of a program, it’s helpful to the reader if everything is in one place.  With that thought in mind, I always try to include a brief introduction to the program.  Well, as I just indicated, this is what I do in the First Thoughts articles.  So, from now on, what I think I will do when I start a review article is to simply repeat most, if not all, of what I wrote in the First Thoughts.  I hope this approach will be helpful to you rather than boring and repetitive.

So, here is a good part of what was in the First Thoughts article about BitWaves…

According to their website, “BitWaves Financial Limited is officially registered in United Kingdom and its registration number is 10993176. BitWaves Financial Limited is a leading online investment platform involved in mining & trading of the most popular cryptocurrencies & forex trading.”  They are one of a number of companies that we have listed lately that are involved with BOTH the mining and trading of cryptocurrencies.  These are two very different disciplines as I see it and it would seem to require two different teams of professional staff.  However, if the company can handle it, diversity is a plus.  So, I won’t pass judgement…

BitWaves offers two different investment plans.  The “Starter” plan pays 4% daily for 40 days and requires a minimum investment of $25.  The “Perfect” plan pays 0.3% per hour for 450 hours and requires a minimum investment of $200.  Dividing this by 24 hours per day, this translates to a term of around 19 days.  We have never put numbers on this; but, roughly speaking, I would call the second plan short term and the first borderline between short and medium.  In case you haven’t done the arithmetic already, 0.30% per hour translates to 7.2% per day.  Sounds like a high interest investment plan?  Not really because the term is so short.  We will get into the details of all this when we do a detailed analysis of the two investment plans in a review that you can expect to see in a few days from now.

And, now let’s talk about these two investment plans…

Analysis of the Investment Plans.

As I’ve already indicated, the Starter Plan pays 4% daily interest for 40 days.  This gives you a total gross return of 160% (4 x 40) by the end of the plan.  Since your principal is included in this, your total net return is 60%.  Dividing this by the 40-day length of the investment plan, we get an effective daily net interest (or DNI) for the plan of 1.5%.

To get the number of days for the plan to break even, you divide 100% by the daily gross interest paid (4%) to get 25 days.

The Perfect Plan pays 0.3% per hour for 450 hours.  As we indicated above, let’s divide this by 24 hours per day to get the number of days for the term of the program.  This comes out to 18.75 days.  Of course, 3% per hour is equivalent to 7.2% per day.  So, the total gross interest paid by the program is 135% (18.75 x 7.2).  Since your investment is included in this, you must subtract 100% to get the total net interest which will be 35%.  Dividing this by the 18.75-day period, you get a DNI of 1.87%.

Like in the Starter Plan, to get the number of days to break even, you divide 100% by the daily gross interest of 7.2% to get around 14 days — or two weeks.

Let’s repeat all this along with other information from the website in a table:

Starter Plan
4% daily for 40 days
Minimum deposit = $25
DNI = 1.5%
Break even = 25 days

Perfect Plan
0.3% hourly for 450 hours (around 19 days)
Minimum Deposit = $200
DNI = 1.87%
Break even = 14 days

Looking at these numbers, there is good news.  First, the minimum investments for both the plans are very reasonable.  Almost everyone will be able to afford the $200 minimum for the higher interest plan if he is interested in it.  This is very different from the practice of many HYIPs where they will offer an obscenely high interest program with an equally high minimum investment in hopes of catching an unwary “big fish.”  You can be sure that, if a “fish” bites, the program will quickly close and the admin will disappear with the treasury.  But, thankfully, there is none of that nonsense here.

Second, the DNIs of the two investment plans are about as high as you can go and still have the program remain viable in the long term.  Of course, this is exactly what investors are looking for.  A DNI of 1.87% translates to weekly profit of over 13% and 1.5% translates to 10.5%.  In the real world, these are extremely high earnings.  Any HYIP that offers profits greater than these is open to question.

Comparing the two investment plans, if a person has the minimum investment of $200, the Perfect Plan is definitely the way to go.  Not only is it more profitable, the plan is over and done with in only 19 days.  If you want, you can always invest again.  If you reinvest your original amount plus your earnings, you are compounding your earnings and can do very well — assuming the program stays around for a while…

With all this as background, it’s simple to determine how much money these investment plans can earn for you.  Let’s assume an investment of $500 in the Perfect Plan and see what happens.  At 0.3% per hour, you would have $1.50 (.003 x 500) credited to your account every hour.  Of course, this is equivalent to daily earnings of $36 (24 x 1.5).  After the 450 hours are up, your total gross earnings would be $675 (1.5 x 450).  Subtracting your investment of $500, you find that you made a profit of $175 in just short of 19 days.  Not bad at all…

Other Features of the Program.

BitWaves uses the Perfect Money, Payeer, and Advanced Cash payment processors.  Additionally, you can utilize the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Deposits are instant with Bitcoin requiring three confirmations.  Apparently, withdrawals are instant also.  However, at least for Bitcoin, it would appear to me that the confirmation process must delay the transfer of funds to your Bitcoin wallet.  But, maybe I’m missing something here.

BitWaves has a satisfactory referral program that pays 6% commission on deposits in the first level of an investor’s downline, 2% for the second level, and 1% for the third.  You don’t need to have an active deposit in order to participate in the referral program.

Support seems like it should be excellent.  There is the standard contact form along with an email support address.  In addition, there is a Skype address.  Finally, there is a live chat feature on the website.  That may be the best news of all.

To tie all this up, BitWaves offers two investment plans that appear to be well thought out.  They offer good returns that are still reasonable enough such that, with wise management, the program should be able to sustain them.  Minimum investments required for both the plans are reasonable.  So, almost anyone can take advantage of either of them.  Thus, for the more cautious investor, BitWaves might be a good investment choice.  For the investor looking for very high short-term earnings, this might not be the right program.  In any case, if you do decide to invest with BitWaves, be sure to make your investment a small part of a diversified portfolio; as the saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” — in case it breaks!  And, never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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