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Analysis of TheBossProject Investment Plans.

In Part 1 of this review, we got into the details of the six TheBossProject investment plans.  Now let’s take a still closer look and see if we can discover strong and weak points about any of them.  Just so we will have all the information in front of us when we do this analysis, I’m going to repeat the listing we came up with in Part 1 here.

4.55% Daily for 30 Calendar Days
Min: $10   Max: $349
Total gross interest: 136.50%
Total net interest: 36.5%
DNI: 1.22%
Days to break even: 22

5.10% Daily for 30 Calendar Days
Min: $350   Max: $899
Total gross interest: 153%
Total net interest: 53%
DNI: 1.77%
Days to break even: 20

5.55% Daily for 30 Calendar Days
Min: $900   Max: $1499
Total gross interest: 166.50%
Total net interest: 66.5%
DNI: 2.22%
Days to break even: 19

6.00% Daily for 30 Calendar Days
Min: $1500 Max: $2499
Total gross interest: 180%
Total net interest: 80%
DNI: 2.67%
Days to break even: 17

6.50% Daily for 30 Calendar Days
Min: $2500   Max: $4,999
Total gross interest: 195%
Total net interest: 95%
DNI: 3.17%
Days to break even: 16

7.00% Daily for 22 Calendar Days
Min: $5,000   Max: $50,000
Total gross interest: 154%
Total net interest: 54%
DNI: 2.45%
Days to break even: 15

First, let’s look at the five 30 day long investment plans.  They are the first five on the list.  A number of things might hit you:

The days to break even decreases with each plan.  This is simply the result of the fact that the interest rate is increasing.  The higher the interest, the shorter the time to break even.  Aside from increased profitability, a shorter breakeven time is another advantage of higher interest.  Actually, we could include the sixth program in this analysis too.  It pays the highest interest and breaks even the quickest.  The time to break even has nothing to do with the length of the investment term.

The DNI increases for each of the five 30 day investment plans.  The first plan has a DNI of 1.22% and the fifth has a DNI of 3.17%.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that investment plans having a DNI less than 1% would have a good chance of surviving in the long term (you can read it here).  On the other hand, plans with a DNI greater than 2% might have a rather slim chance of surviving.  Between 1% and 2% is a borderline area where things could go either way depending on the revenues the company generates to support its interest obligations.  With this information in mind, it would seem that only the first two plans have DNIs in the range that is conducive to long term survival.  I think more clearly in terms of a weekly interest rate.  A DNI of 2% implies that the plan is paying 14% net interest per week.  That’s pretty serious and a program would need to have a very special and lucrative niche in order to be able to maintain payments at this level.  The plan with the highest DNI is the fifth plan, the 6.5% daily interest plan.  For that plan the DNI is a rather large 3.17%.  This is equivalent to over 20% net interest per week.  That is very substantial and, again, it is questionable whether ANY HYIP could sustain payments at the that rate of return.  However, nothing is impossible and we would certainly love to be proven wrong on this!

There is a problem with programs such as TheBossProject that offer some investment plans that have what we feel are sustainable returns and some with returns that we feel are unsustainable.  If a program can’t afford to make payments to a high interest plan, the entire PROGRAM will close.  So, a high interest investment plan puts the entire HYIP at risk.  The only saving grace is that the minimum investments for the higher interest plans are higher and this will limit the number of investors in these plans.  This, is turn, will tend to decrease the interest obligations of a company to these high interest investment plans.  The bottom line is that this  will increase the chances that the overall program will be a survivor.  So, there are pros and cons and a mix of investment plans such as TheBossProject offers could possibly work out in the long run.  This, of course, is what we’re all hoping for…

Now let’s take a look at the sixth investment plan, the 7% daily plan that runs for only 22 days.  When you look at the numbers in the listing above, the thing that should immediately strike you is that the DNI for this investment plan is LOWER than that of the preceding two plans — even though they had LOWER daily gross interest earnings.  This is because DNI also factors the LENGTH OF THE INVESTMENT TERM into the picture.  If the 7% plan was just as long as the other plans, it would be more profitable than them.  However, since it is shorter, the number of days after the breakeven point when you make pure profit is much less and therefore, the average daily net interest (DNI) that you make is also less.  So, the plan is less profitable than the ones that came before it.  I don’t know if the folks at TheBossProject did this intentionally or not.  The point is that the investor should avoid this plan.  If you would like to invest a LOT of money with TheBossProject, you should make MULTIPLE deposits in the 6.5% daily plan.

In light of all this, TheBossProject might want to consider the possibility of simply DELETING the 7% investment plan (or of lengthening its term to 30 days like the other plans).  As things stand right now, it offers nothing at all to the line-up of investment plans that are offered.

OK, let’s wrap this up with a numerical example.  Let’s assume you made a deposit of $4,999 in the 6.5% daily project.  This is the maximum allowable deposit for this plan and let’s suppose that you are doing this in order to make the most money possible from TheBossProject.  Of course, as I just noted in the previous paragraph, you could make multiple deposits in this plan if youwanted to invest still more.  With a daily gross return of 6.5%, your daily earnings would be around $325 (4,999 x .065).  After 30 days, the total return would be around $9,750 (30 x 325).  Subtracting your deposit of $4,999 from this, you get a profit of around $4,751.  As our listing already tells us, this net profit is 95% of your original investment (4,751/4,999 x 100).  So, basically, this investment plan enables you to double your money in a month or so.  Not bad at all!

Other Features of TheBossProject Program.

The workings of TheBossProject program are pretty much standard.  The company accepts the following payment processors:  Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, and AdvCash.   Both deposits and withdrawals are supposed to be instant.  However, I assume there must be some delay due to the confirmation process when transacting with Bitcoin.

I couldn’t find information on a referral program in the website other than a banner that says “5% referral commission.”  I assume that this applies to deposits made by your direct referrals.

Support is by means of email or a support form.  However, I note that a phone number is given along with business hours.  If someone living in the UK tries it out, please let us know what happens and we will pass the information along to our readers.

In closing, it looks like TheBossProject website is still under construction.  It is a new company and I think they rushed to get online.  I suspect that there will be a number of changes taking place in the website in the near future.  We have pointed out a few places that deserve attention.  There may be others.

As far as investment opportunities are concerned, the lower interest investment plans are the most appealing to us as they would have the highest probability of being sustainable.  However, for the more adventuresome person, perhaps one of the higher interest programs might be your cup of tea.  As we have already indicated, you should avoid the 22 day plan as it is less profitable than two of the longer term plans that run for 30 days.  If you should decide to invest with TheBossProject, remember to diversify your investments among other income opportunities as well.  And, of course, never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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